Trumpeter Swans at Long Point

Tundra Swan

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Hello Guys,

I saw two (2) Trumpeter Swans at Long Point yesterday afternoon. I watched them for over a period of an hour while a Mute Swan cob (male) harassed one of them ... probably the Trumpeter Swan cob.

Eventually the Mute Swan cob returned to another Mute Swan (probably the pen) in the distance and the two (2) Trumpeter Swans reunited with each other ... another reason to delist the Mute Swan from the "List of Protected Species".

I saw two (2) Trumpeter Swans at Long Point a few years ago during the fall but have not seen any since that time.



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I live south of Brantford and Trumpeter Swans are becoming an increasingly common sight on the larger ponds in the area. They are usually in pairs but sometimes larger family groups as well. It appears as though the re-introduction has been very successful. Unless something unexpected happens I bet in 20 years they will be a common sight all across southern Ontario.

Tundra Swan

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Hello Singlemalt,

It was estimated that there were about 600 Trumpeter Swans in Ontario during the 2010 international survey and over 1,000 Trumpeter Swans in Ontario during the 2015 international survey ... as I recall the data that I read at the time.

The CWS indicated in their Tundra Swan Season Assessment (completed in August of 2013) that the Interior Population of Trumpeter Swans had increased by 115% between 2005 and 2010 and that the incidental harvest of a Trumpeter Swan during a limited (tag only) Tundra Swan season (under consideration for Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan) would have an insignificant effect on this population.

The USFWS has recently estimated (summer of 2017) that the continental Trumpeter Swan population is now increasing by 10,000 birds per year.

The continental Trumpeter Swan population consists of the Pacific Population, the Rocky Mountain Population and the Interior Population.

I have previously posted a "thread" about the three (3) Trumpeter Swan populations on this "waterfowl" forum.

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