Trouting April 25/011


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After passing on the official opener Sat and attending to some other thingys Sun decided today was going to be "our" opener at "our" fav spot.

Pick buddy up at 5:30, quick stop for a timmies and we're at "our" fav spot---weather conditons were ideal--cool and cloudy--creek was clear but running high and fast.

Partner takes up position on the downstream side and I head off upstream. Judging from the tracks left in the mud appears place got worked over really since Sat. So I worked it over pretty good but only got a couple small bumps, no takers.

This is where we break off and this whole report becomes not one of how many we caught but you should have "seen" the one that got away.
Join up with "youknowwho" who is also fishless at this point but he did see one resting in a quiet spot right at his feet. Wander on downstream where I spot three more--one heads up his way, the other two go downstream outta sight. Start running a dewie down in the general direction and WHAM fish on and I can tell this fish has got some weight to it. In the fast water and with just a little 6'rod and 6# line all I can do is hang on and try to stop/turn this brute.

Forgot to mention that further down from me there is a BIG portion of a tree laying across the stream. SOB ran me UNDER the tree and I tried I really tried to ease it back to my side---no way and PING it was gone. So like I said this is more about the one that got away then the usual story of how well we did---makes just as good a memory of the outing anyway.

Well at least you got out and enjoyed the water Packrat. Get yourself a 10.5 footer and at least you'll have the leverage and softness of a long rod to cushion the light line. It won't stop them all but at least give you a fighting chance.

"makes just as good a memory of the outing anyway."

I remember more fish that have beaten me over the past 40 years than the ones I've landed. That's how we learn the species and how they are likely to act. Notice I said likely.

I've still got the image of an 8# male 4 feet in the air from Saturday. He beat me but he deserved his freedom as far as I'm concerned. I usually just tip my hat, swear a little, rerig and get back to the game I love, making the next drift.



"Rivers are living things, sometimes swollen and discoloured, other times thin and anaemic. Spend enough time around a particular river, you learn to read its moods, like a spouse reads a partner."

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