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The one that got away

Billy Bass

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Just lost a monster casting a silver mepps this thing slamed it out of no where the fight was on i fought it for 10 mins before it spit the lure I walked up an down the sea wall with the fish unable to get a look at it whatever it was was huge biggest fish I’ve had on here at the point an was equally as good as some sharks I’ve caught any ideas what it could had been I’ve ruled up Muskie pike I’m leaning towards catfish sheaphead or maybe a laker whatever it was was easily over 20lbs... I wasn’t equipped for a fish of this size I’m still shaking
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Billy Bass

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After doing some research I’m guessing it was a carp the number two keeps aglia is known to work for them I just never thought thanks for the post fellas maybe I’ll get in to some creek monsters later

Cam Reeves

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I caught a massive carp this weekend on old cut. Was using my new carling lager rattlin rap that came in the case. I thought it was a giant pike at first, possibly record breaking! But it was a big goldfish. That was an amazing fight, dont know why i dont go carp fishing more often. Has anyone smoked carp? Is it any good?


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Here is the hands down no arguments best recipe for carp. Butter and salt with a touch of garlic. It takes some time, but man is it worth it.

In April, catch a carp, take it home, freeze it, and at the end of the month, dig a hole about 12 inches deep. Place the carp in the hole, fill it to 4 inches from the top, place 3 Peaches and Cream corn seeds in the hole spaced about 12 "apart, wait 82 days, harvest, then boil and serve with butter, salt and a touch of garlic.
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