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Im i the only one who has noticed that the bay sucks for fishing for a number of years now the bay sucks balls
Hi All.
Hades99ca. I have to disagree. This will be my third year fishing the Bay, Perch only. I fish Fall, Spring in my boat and Ice Fish for the Winter.
Today I saw no fish never mind catch any. First time for me. That being said I have only enjoyed such excellent fishing when I lived in Red Lake Ontario. The Inner Bay is an unbelievable fishery in my opinion.
I blame myself for todays lack of fish, not the Bay.
Cheers, Clark
Hello Hades99ca i think you should consider keeping your insults directed at your inability to actually catch fish......The inner bay is loaded with fish through out the year and offers many different species for our angling pleasure, also several local business men and women rely heavily on the bay keeping a motivated reputation so maybe you can be a bit nicer when making reference to our great little bay!
sometimes you must work a little harder keep moving try a little harder ,watch what other anglers are doing and stay focused ,usually when you think there are no fish you will be defited.Never give up and while your wondering where are the fish gone, take the time to look around you, and stop to look at the beauty the nature and inhale the fresh air into your lungs and feelyour heart pounding in your chest and be happy your here to live it ,,thats what I do and enjoy every minute of it on the bay ! when you change the way you view things things will change !!
Many a time my bother-in-law and I both have been in a meditational pose over our holes for long periods of time throught the day out on the ice in our huts. Not anxious at all just glad to be away from all the fast paced life style back on shore. Huron.
Hades99ca...I have to agree with Walleye,Fish Bones,wisherman & Huron..I fish all year round & the bay is a great fishery,,I feel blessed that I have it so close,,I live in Simcoe..Ya somedays you get skunked but thats not for lack of fish,,they are there,you just have 2 find them,,I really like wishermans attitude,,any day on the bay beats any day at work..I have found the fishing has been very good for me since Jan 27th...

If Cans r flyin,they will b dyin...
Catching fish is the point of fishing????? Wow and all these years I just thought it was a great excuse to get out from the women and children, have a brew or 2 with the men, and relax. Next time maybe I'll even bait my hook!!!!
Sorry i'd have to disagree with you that the fishing sucks. We all have days that are slow, but they just make you appreciate the good days!
Hades99ca have patience in the bay ,I have hade some great fishing in the bay every year. Always something to catch.
I know for myself years ago when we all went fishing a big part of it was to catch alot of fish. As you get older catching alot of fish isn't as a big prioroty as it used to be.It's nice to get out and fish different areas and try different things and enjoy the outdoors.
Dont't get me wrong its still nice to catch some fish for that fresh fish dinner. How long have you fished the longpoint area?

No he is right, there are no fish in the bay and everyone should stay far far away!

Dan B.

Been fishing the Bay for a while and I don't totally disagree with Hades. I don't think it's getting any better over time. Back in the day at the lighthouse, a catch with a bunch of salmon, more than the odd pick and some football 'bows or a laker was common. Who even bothers riggin out there now?

Inner Bay was good too, lots of crappie, even in summer months. Haven't boated a crappie in years down there. Bass fishing seems to have held it's own, but you can't use pond crayfish for bait now, so that kinda sucks. Pike were harder to catch for me in the last year too.

Sad to say it, but I think it could be better. It's a great spot for recreational boating and sport fishing. Maybe it should be managed differently?
To some extent i would agree with hades and stomp. The fishery seems to be in a flux. I know that in recent years the deep water fishery has certainly changed. There is very little being caught out there. Also the last four or five years have been tough on the hard water for the inner bay too. The rest of the year there are a lot of perch in the bay however, the winters have been a little slow.
I used to ask my uncle"how's the fishin"?
He would reply" great".
I would then ask 'catchin' anything?
He would say" nope"!

However outside of the poor results out at the lighthouse I think that generally the fishing is as good now as 30 years ago.
Not counting the period of time when the bay was choked with weeds.
Last couple of years bass has been so good haven't bothered much with the perch.
This year will be first full in summer for me and hope to find walleye in the weeds somewhere and not out suspended.
Stomp you talk about the days out at the lighthouse.
I remember those days are we talking about 15-20 years ago?
The coho days!!!! Weren't these American fish we were catching.
It was a fantastic fishery be nice if we could even get close to what it was.I don't keep up on the stocking numbers but hope they start . I remember how many dodgers and flys I purchased to fish longpoint and still have them. Hope the days come back but will they?

EASY guys, for all we know hades99ca could be mentally handicapped!
maybe he's not fishing with a bucket full of minnows!
maybe his line isn't even in the water!
maybe he hasn't tied his hook on!
for what ever reason maybe we should help this guy out?
if you don't catch any fish in the bay,MOVE UNTIL YOU DO!
not that hard, unless the perch are out smarting you?
if that's the case.......?

when hevi-shot's-a-flyin',alot-a-ducks-a-dyin'
Come this spring, with all the talk about no fish, I'm hoping to find some "reel bargins" at garage sales in the area. LOL!!! Huron
Interesting thread!
Thinking about it, some fish species seems to be hurting like the crappie, and panfish. Although the perch are still awesome. Have had some great hard water days already and the good fishing is still ahead of us. Perch in the spring and fall are great in the inner bay. Pike numbers i have found are holding. One thing I have noticed is how the size of fish seems to be up in the previous years!
The smallies are doing great with this clear water and lots of gobies to feed on.
it comes down to getting out and enjoying the outdoors with friends and famliy,I've had alot of great times on the bay from fishing to skiing and just relaxing,so get out and enjoy thanks kirb
i have been fishing the bay for years and i must say we have done exceptionally well although i have not had the chance to get out ice fishing this year but in the past years have rented huts from grangers and have done very well those guys bend over backwards to make it a good fishing day
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