taken perch to throw it away?


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Hey All

We took the ice hut off yesterday morning and loaded it on the trailer , then taken to brother-inlaw's place in Pt.Bruce , I had to come back to get the bike ,so I thought I would do a little fishing since I was down . I parked along the road on top of the hill in St Williams (I pay the 5 buck to park at the farm most of the time ). When I was load the bike to go out , all under the truck and trailer was perch that someone decided to take from the bay and throw them away rather then clean them [V] . WAY TAKE SOMETHING LIFE if you are not going to eat them ? CRAP like this is bad for everyone , like outdoors people don't have enough problem we have to give the tree huggers more reason to hate us !!! I hate seeing SH!T like this !! Fishing was slow this year and if someone didn't want to take them home to clean them they should have given them to someone that would of made there catch better . Just my two cents..............apps
lets hope they had them on the back of their trailer and forgot to secure them, and then drove away....still tough to see no doubt!!!
Hey apps, just wait a few years when the price of food doubles(and it will) the snorty pigs from the me generation will be doing things different! Huron.
just where does this me generation start there huron !!!! cause im 27 and ive been a hardcore out doorsman my entire life. and i have seen lots of the old timers do stupid stuff too!

now i do agree it is a shame to see such a tasty catch go to waste and i have not been to the bay at all this hardwater season just because its been way less then ideal so i have been saving lots of money
good luck to all who goes out

Get R Done!! on the water or in the blind
just a thought -------- did you pick them up and eat them yourself by chance?

enuf about the fools that leave things behind --- any chance we clean up behind them
I agree with apps . This kind of thing just drives me nuts.
There are many examples-guys "drift" fishing salmon in the Credit river with bare trebles.
I do a lot of stream fishing and I cart out a lot of crap that should not have been left there in the first place-Lynn River included.
It is one reason why I'm not sure about big rainbow runs , they seem to attract all sorts. But then I guess perch fishing does as well.
Goose Egg....I cleaned up what rotten fish I seen , half dozen beer cans and two pop bottle , I do care about what kind of foot print we leave behind ..........apps
know what you mean,last fall was out hiking,came across 10 mallards some a$$holes threw out at the side of a road,unbelieveable[:(!][:(!]
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