St. Williams


Hi guys.
Can someone please post how the fishing is on the St. Willy's side.
Not asking to give up your secret spot.....just generally how far out and which direction. Heading down tomorrow. would be appreciated if you have them :D
polywog......I'am heading out of St Willy as well tomorrow so maybe someone well roport on ice/snow cond. , but as for the fish you may have to drill a bunch of hole to find them ;) good luck and be safe and maybe we will run into one another.............apps
I hope to see you Apps....

Maybe someone could also comment on methodology. I noticed Walleye has been dead sticking minnows. Anything else working....small jigs...colours....etc?
Or are they doing that thing that drives us all crazy, where they rush up to your bait....and just sit there and STARE at it. [8)]
jigging spoons has been not bad but dead sticking a pickerel rig is the way to go good luck keep them both ready because you never know when the big one is there kirb
The spoons really bring them in but if they don't want to bite, try a small spoon with no hooks,then tie on about 6 inches of light line and a single hook with a minnow.....
Google Russian Hooks. They've been producing Long point perch for over half a century.


Stick.....Were can you get Best Tackle's Russian Hooks ? Haven't seen them in awhile and according to some other fellows , the guy is not making them any more ???...........apps
I don't know Apps. Mine are 40 to 60 years old but aren't the y tail type. Mine are inverted tear drop approx. 1 1/2" long. Have always hooked the minnow through the anal vent and up through the back making sure to miss the spine. When jigged the hook and minnow jut out in front of a perch with the head of the minnow pointing out. They jig a full circle over and over if rigged properly.
Went out this afternoon and caught 7 jumbos (smallest 9" largest 12", 1lb) in 2 1/2 hrs. I also lost 2 really nice ones. I was out about 20 min walking over to the west a bit. It's a hard walk out. I was using a couple of different flashy spoons with a dropper underneath. Just about every fish that came in smashed it. TC
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