St William's - Feb 22


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Went out this am for a couple hours. SE from the lighthouse 1/2 mile. Seeing open water out 3/4 of a mile a week or two back, we stayed in relatively close. A solid 8" of ice everywhere we drilled. I wanted to venture further, but with a Quad pulling a hut, I thought that was a little too ambitious given the past conditions.

Manged a few nice eaters 10"-12" with a ton of little pesky ones down the hole at all times.

Noted that the access point now has a sign that say "private launch". Both operators are closed up, and none of there huts are out. Minnows were available up on the hill.

15+ people out around us today, but very few machines. The ice was literally alive, cracking and banging until things warmed up.

I hope the weather holds for more fun out there, time will tell.



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Thanks for the ice report. Makes me happier than ever that I got out with my wife on Tuesday. I feel settled down now. :) Huron.