Fishing Report Slow day on Burwell yesterday one for two 1 1/2 m waves plus lead core question

First 8 AM to 2 PM out to 56 E. all day bumpy one and a half to metre waves only God fish in front of sandhills in 47 feet just one. Question I got two lead core Reels new 110 colour 111 colour before I went out I took five colour off each so I can run a five colour and a six colour off the planer board mask and hook into the braid backing now if I want to run 10 and 11 do I just put a link in with what type of line and what type of knot ?


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I would imagine that you could strip 3" of lead out of each end and put a piece of mono or fluorocarbon in both sides and tie a Willis knot on each side, or a longer section if you want to run it off a board. The double Willis will make for a bit of bulk but will surely work. Or possibly a double Uni-knot just using the sheathes. Anyone?
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I would put a 50' section of 20lb mono inbetween... Not a huge fan of segmented core but do what you gotta do...

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The double uni knot and Albright knot are good strong knots @rebokfisher but for lead core the best in my opinion is the single Willis knot. It's just as strong but the easiest by far to tie and the smallest knot making it easy going through the rod eyes and level wind on the reel. The others leave too big a clumpy knot that catches on virtually everything possible. Mono feeds into the sheath easily but braid is difficult due to it's limpness. So I loop it through the eye of a larger sewing needle then feed the needle into the sheath up to the over hand knot, push it completely through the sheath then unhook the braid and pull it easy until just back inside the sheath. Then just go ahead and work the knot over into position just like one would with mono.

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