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Hi guys,just wondering how everybody lays out their big water spread. The do's and dont's for preventing tangles.I have limited experience running jet divers, leadcore, dipsy,rigger, and planer all @ the same time.Thanks for the advice, just want to prevent as many tangles as possible.
start off slow.....maybe four lines in the water. i like to run two core out the back....and then two dipsies on a three setting off each side....when the eyes are hi in the column i will run two more for a total of six of in-line planers.....usually use a double bait combo with a deep diving rapala and then a spoon with a snap weight to get it way out the sides.
I run 2 dipseys off each side and another inline planer outside the dipseys or 2 riggers or 2 leadcore inside the dipseys from and 18' tiller. Make wide turns
Just remember closer to the boat means deepest set. The further from the boat the rigs get shallower set up. I usually only run four rods as I generally only fish with my dad. So my rig is simple two riggers set deep withh free sliders. Then I put out Deeper Divers on 3 setting out each side at least 100 ft of line out and go back from there as the conditions dictate.

Rob's two cents
I run 6 dipseys, 3 on each side usually on a 1, 2.5 and 3.5 setting. plus another 2 or 3 leadcore on each side off the boards.
Make sure the larger # leadcore is on the inside and you will almost never get a tangle which means sometimes you will have to do some reeling.
The dipseys are tricky but if your letting out the 3.5 and the other two are already out there, dont let it out infront of them. go to the other side of the boat with your rod pointing back and once you've reached your distance lock it and swing it around into the rod holder.
If you get a bow on, there isnt much you can do other than hope it stays behind the boat. I can usually turn on a dime in calm weather but if its a little rough it makes it more difficult.
Takes practice but you will get the hang of it!

Good Luck

All good advice but I think an important one is NO TIGHT TURNS. I had a buddy steering the boat while I was searching for a certain lure. The shore was on my right shoulder when I started and when I was done it was on my left. With 8 rods out 3 were out of commission. When making a turn be patient.
i like to run a WIDE spread...
2 riggers
2 wire divers on 3 1/2 setting...
2 leadcores on boards... Way out..
1 leadcore out the chute...

95% spoons... Mostly Dreamweaver SS's

This cuts a wide path and allows you to cover alot of water and figure out what the fish want and change up accordingly...

i also believe in tight turns and figure eights... It drastically changes the speed of one side of your spread and lets you dial in the approriate speed the fish want...

Trial and error is a big factor in the game and thats half the fun...

Be well... Jammer
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