Sat. Fishing/Snow Storm


Good Day ALL!!

Well the fishing today was alright...we were about a mile out from shore, bout half way between funny farm marina and St. WIlly'z.
Between six of us we had 25 keeprs, 10-12 inches and one unmeasure pike...(update later, it's frozen at the moment)...;)

Well perfect example of how easy it is to get turned around out there...we have our hut parked so the door is facing shore and we always park our ATV facing shore, along with carryng a compass. We left the hut around 5pm and started out heading north...few minutes in we hadn't seen any huts and referred to the compass once again and discoverd it was faulty. Four of us had iPhone's and busted them out to check our location...It didn't feel like we had been driving all that long but we were almost to Long Point...OPPS...So we turn our butts around and headed towards Port Rowan (with the use of the compassGPS on our phones)LOL...Which turned out to be great for another fisherman whom was lost and just happen to bump into us.
We just arrived to shore and settled when we seen someone walking in...He had found our hut and was took up camp there until it cleared enough to see anything...(we personally leave our hut unlocked, with nothing of major value, with pleanty of wood etc. to keep one going should they neeed shelter out there)

Tuned out to be a GREAT day for everyone with a minor life experience to put under our belt!

i would have pics for 10 to 12 inchers...especially around st willys congrats on the catch.
early 2000s the12s were like the 11s now..thats what i seen ...the product depends how good their spawn is in the previous years thats all ...havent seen hogs like i did in the early 2000s...oh well lets have fun with what the perch spawns have left us to catch..its all good.
about your compass spend the money and buy areally good one a silva or a brunton or comparable I'd trust that more than a phone
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