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I'am about 3 hours north of Saskatoon and every pond , puddle and ditch is full of ducks thousands and thousands of birds !! and a few nice mule deer !
I will try to get them started east

Hello Kicks,

Since you are in Saskatchewan could you please ask around regarding the Tundra Swan harvest that is being considered by the CWS for Saskatchewan.

Hopefully this will lead the way to an eventual Tundra Swan harvest for Ontario.


Jerome Katchin, D.V.M.
Don't scare them all this way Glen as we need a few remaining as I'm flying out to gun the end of Sept for 10 days.. :) Ernie

Happiness is a day on the ice
Sorry Buddy Boy
but i agree with the organizations in Ontario and do not support a swan hunt in ontario at all
That is just my own opinion as a hunter not a director for the LPWA

Hey, Glenn -- are you gonna stick around for the opening of crane season a week from today? They aren't called "rib-eye in the sky" for nothing. :D
Had one Monday night they said the bird was from last year but it was still amazing ( Might have been prairie road kill )
Have not seen any cranes actualy and very few geese .But like i said the duck numbers are amazing !

Glenn (or anyone), if you're moving blinds around or anything around labour day (Sept 5, 6, 7), I'll be in the park and am willing to help.

Have not seen any Cranes in this area at all . Going to shoot opening morning next week before work . Gets light early enough . wont last long but it will be fun

Hey Kicks,

Posts some pics of those ponds full of ducks..... It will get us pumped and send us out to cabelas to get some new gear..
Hello Kicks,

That is okay that you do not support my proposal.

About 90% of LPWA members who responded to my handout and survey distributed at the LPWA AGM last April supported my proposal for a Tundra Swan harvest and the other 10% were neutral ... they did not support it but they were not against it.

About 80% of Ontario waterfowlers who responded on the "Hunt Ontario" forum supported my proposal for a Tundra Swan harvest and the other 20% were neutral ... they did not support it but they were not against it.

Furthermore many who were "neutral" also stated that they would hunt Tundra Swans if my proposal was accepted and a season was established.

Thank you for the reply and have a good Sandhill Crane hunt ... something that should also come to Ontario.

Jerome Katchin, D.V.M.
Hello Buddy Boy,

I was wondering if you had heard any more about the Mourning Dove harvest proposal.
I believe you indicated the idea was supported, wondering what is happening now.
Keep up the good work.
sorry i did not get back to you sooner . If you want to camo a blind or two on the long weekend that woud be great . Fred is back at the park now all you have to do is see him or Rhonda let them know what day you are going out . Let fred know what blinds you are doing he has burlap and ties and the corn stalks should be there soon . They might want you to sign off that you are there so make sure you check in with them . i believe all the floor repairs are complete except for 40 so really all that needs to be done is get them dressed up

Hello Bjess,

My Mourning Dove proposal was supported at the Ontario Waterfowl Advisory Committee (OWAC) meeting last fall and is going through the review process at the CWS. A season may be in place by 2012.

It should be noted here that an individual previously asked about a Mourning Dove harvest a few years ago and then the OFAH with supportive research by Long Point Waterfowl raised the issue again but it did not "take" at the time. Consequently when I was asking about my Tundra Swan proposal last year it was suggested that I submit a proposal for a Mourning Dove harvest as the OFAH already had a "position" paper on the topic.

If we could get the OFAH to do the same for a Tundra Swan harvest then it would no doubt go through as well.

Incidentally the LPWA sponsored the satellite tracking of Tundra Swans by LPW several years ago and that information was used to revise the Eastern Population Tundra Swan Management Plan. We are missing out on the benefits of that research.

I do not understand why the LPWA Board of Directors would invest $1,000.00 on a research project for a migratory game bird (which the Tundra Swan is) and not want to support a proposal to establish a recreational harvest as provided for under the Management Plan. It just makes no sense especially when the poplation is already 20% above the Management Plan's goal.

However the CWS is now considering a Tundra Swan harvest in Saskatchewan and that is a step in the right direction.

Thank you for your support.

Jerome Katchin, D.V.M.
Jerome: I have to agree with Glen on this one, in that I have Zero interest in hunting or killing a Swan, but I certainly would love to see a season in place for Doves..Their populations seem to be good, excellent table fair, and would be a great opportunity to keep our shooting eyes 2 cents..Ernie

Happiness is a day on the ice
Hello Ernie,

Judging by the contents of the e-mail that I received from Mr. Jack Hughes (Head of Population Management, CWS) the Mourning Dove season is just a matter of time to finalize the particulars.

As for your position on my Tundra Swan proposal ... that is okay. I respect your opinion and I thank you for it.

Just for the record ... I had and I have no interest in hunting Mourning Doves but when it was suggested/requested that I present a proposal for a Mourning Dove harvest I did so for the benefit of those who would be interested.

Likewise ... I had and I have have no interst in hunting Elk but I supported the proposal to re-introduce Elk in Ontario and to implement a harvest of them.

Hopefully one day the same will be for my Tundra Swan proposal.

Hi Jerome: I have the utmost credit for your dedication with these proposals which could benefit all of us, and I hope the day comes when you and other sports people are able to harvest swans, as it certainly wouldn't hurt the population when managed properly...But my freezer isn't big enough to hold one, but I'm sure I'd make room for a few tasty doves.. :)^)..Thank you, Ernie

Happiness is a day on the ice
Hello Ernie,

I thank you for your comments but you could always "store" your Tundra Swan in my freezer if you needed to.

I would like to try some of those Mourning Doves at some point as my relatives down in Texas tell me that they are great eating.

Jerome Katchin, D.V.M.
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