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sorry to post this but seriously,Was fishing with my wife and a friend on saturday,in the inner bay .we found the fish smallmouth to be exact,dropped anchor and within min, 3 boats covered us.2 bouncing off us cause we were anchored.I wanted to ask them if they wantend my boat but my wife told me to be quiet.when does water rage take affect?For all YOU GUYS THAT READ THIS AND WERE AT EC5 on SATURDAY.WASNT IMPRESSED ABOUT YOU BUT WE WERE USING LEEEEEECHES TO CATCH NOW PISS OFF.[xx(][xx(][xx(] .
Well said. Nothing worse than having people get so close to you when your fishing that you could pull their plug, especially after you do the work to find them.Common courtesy and respect for some one else's space has gone right out the window.A big sinker cast wildly around may keep em away:)
Geez,bumping into your boat....thats close..I can't remember ever getting that close to anyone except maybe unintentionally on a drift or something like that...but not motor up and park my butt in your face sorta thing-very unbecoming of them...and yet they'd probably be the 1st to yell if the table were turned on them.Ummm do you own an air horn ?
What is the most common way to fish the bay. I know we used to fish the Bay of quinte in the 80's and 99.9% of the boats would drift but every now and then someone would anchor right in the middle of the popular drift spots and mess it up for the rest of us.It is almost impossible to predict the exact path the wind will take you on. I see this at Owen Sound during the derby too. Virtually all the boats run the same patterns through the good spots but every year somebody throws anchor and hundreds of other boaters have to adjust to accomadate. All I'm saying is "When in Rome".......
I like to drift more than anchor too but that's no excuse for getting that close. Happens to me in the inner bay all the time and drives me nuts. Guys were doing it at bluffs a couple weeks ago as well. I'de like to carry a couple of bricks for the guys that think the only fish in the lake is right under my boat. One year I got so frustrated I started throwing perch at them! I like the air horn idea. My son's got one that you blow into that's pretty loud. That's what I like abouot the open water at Burwell and Lake O. There's enough room for everyone out there.

Gone fishing, be back at dark-thirty!
I agree with jtman. If you anchored where people commonly drift through, the drifters were probably just as frustrated with you, and might have been drifting too close just to express their frustration... (you could have been experiencing their water rage)
o.k.i agree with some of your responces.please tell me i work hard all week im like everyone else we hunt for the fish.when we find them what do we do STAYPUT.or try to stay in the area.all im trying to say is let me know how you all feel[:(!][:(!]when your boat gets smoaked and leaves big marks in it.i guess keeping things looking new is out the window.Next time we might sink then whos blowing a horn. wife and I were at the bluffs...abit windy but ok.....we were catching fish the next thing my wife says that boat is going to hit us.....people dont realize how to set a anchor..well the guy came right into us then starts up just missing my line...yep you guessed it..he pulls up my anchor....we get sorted out...then a guy comes right by us with his anchor not all the way out ...yep you guessed it..he got us ..then we get loose then the guy hooks onto the bouy and goes around in circles......I hollored uncle and left
see trying to have big is our freaken lake .news flash people dont care what you spend or what you have.lakes not big enough for people who need to be in our boats and not theres.time to bring out the squirt guns.if they dont work im willing to jump into the others boat and pull your pluggs.lmao now.[}:)][}:)]
Me n' the missus had the same experience west of Dover on Sunday. Good breeze going so you swing on the anchor a bit even if it is set. Boat comes up and anchors right against us, accident waitin to happen, so we moved a few hundred yards away... got the anchor set ... yep you guessed it. This time they were so close I could read his ladies bra size tag and see the colour when she bent over to set the anchor. Only good part of his ignorance! We yanked up anchor and found a place over the horizon.

This has been going on for years. Used to drive my uncle nuts. I was with him once when he put on a great big plug and calmly cast right into the other guys boat.
way i see it is erie feeling was there when no one was around, the others moved in, he has a right to anchor, they dont like it, then what erie said, piss off
I believe an anchored boat is to be avoided by a moving boat i.e. has "the right of way". I like the plug idea, take the hooks off a large spoon and bounce if off their boats a couple times and I'm sure they'll move! LOL :)
Originally posted by easy rider

way i see it is erie feeling was there when no one was around, the others moved in, he has a right to anchor, they dont like it, then what erie said, piss off


the bay is plenty big enough for everyone so there is absolutely ZERO excuse to even come close to hitting another boat. luckily for those idiots that allow this crap to happen, i have yet to experience anyone getting too close for comfort. if the opportunity ever presents itself, ill be sure to launch a few 10" jerk baits in their direction...
Thanks everyone Im trying to explain to my wife why i lost it BIGTIME,and my friend who was with us.IM willing to share what we use and were we not going to hide if from our fellows fishers.JUST want everyone to know be carefull out there.P.S.sure glad my girls were not with us that day.DAD really lost it and it wasnt pretty.
left the best till word of a lie my friend caught a fish and the boat that was beside us all day caught his line brought the fish in then threw it back so we could get it by that time dead fish.what are we going to do. NEXT TIME IT CALLS FOR A SPOON IN THE HEAD NO PISSing AROUNED.HOOKS OR NOT.Way to go if you need fish that bad call me [xx(][xx(][xx(]pissed fishermen.try to sell your toys damaged.[:(!][:(!].
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