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Wanting to buy some realistic redhead decoys this year, really considering buying some made by sportplast
Unfortunately they are not magnums, does anyone have any suggestions of any other manufacturer that makes a realistic durable redhead decoy on the market?
I've already checked out green head gear, flambeau,& g&h

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A number of companies make top notch durable decoys. Among them are Toledo, E. Allen and Ure-A-Duck. All are expensive but probably worth it for a lifetime of gunning over quality decoys.

Or you could start collecting hand made wooden blocks from local carvers.

I picked up some Greenhead Gear divers last year --Canvasbacks ,Goldeneyes and Buffleheads and they were great . GHG makes an oversize Redhead as well and this fall I am ordering a dozen of both Cans and Redheads.The keels are weighted 60/40 front loaded so the birds sit nice in rough water.My old Cans are Carry-lites and they would kite in the wind and flare birds off . The Goldeneyes are also great attractors with all that white on them .
Cabela's and Mack's Prairie Wings sell them .
thanks for the input guys, just wandering though, if greenhead gear has fixed any of the problems with thier decoys?
my brother bought some mallards and they started chipping as soon as they came out of the box
I contacted to see how much shipping was on one of those kicking butt decoys, looked like a cool idea!

when hevi-shot's-a-flyin',alot-a-ducks-a-dyin'
I have used GHG decoys ( Widgeon & Ringnecks ) for about 4-5 years now and have had no problems . If there was a problem with the Mallards I am not aware of it . My Diver Pack decoys I bought last year and used the the Cans at Long Point at least a half dozen times and the Goldeneyes and Buffleheads once on Lake Ontario but they took a pounding from the waves as the wind was too much onshore and they continually washed up on the rocky beach but without any chipping only the anchors were lost due to the action of the waves and rocks cutting the cords.
Will be ordering the Cans and Reds within the next 5-6 days as they have a promotion on with only $5.00 shipping charge on orders over $200.00
Yes that is Cabela's US . I have an office in Amherst ,NY and I have everything shipped there where the company I work for has a regular 2-3 times a week delivery to our Concord Ontario head office .That special of $5.00 shipping is only on until the 19th. Last year I ordered some GHG decoys from Mack's Prairie Wings as they had a special of free shipping on orders over $125.00 so I took advantage of that.I would think that shipping charges would be high for decoys as the boxes are quite large.
No e-mail back yet on shipping costs , 2 e-mails sent, might have to call instead I guess
I'll let u know what the shipping costs are as soon as I know ship wrecked

when hevi-shot's-a-flyin',alot-a-ducks-a-dyin'
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