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Hi all still dont have my bigger boat yet but am dying to get into some of those beauty eyes i keep seeing here. So my question is this>> would it be safe to get out as far as 60ft of water off Burwell on a calm day on my current boat. By calm I mean forcast of less than 10km winds.
I have the proper equipment such as dipsys and rod holders already. Please look at the boat image and give up your opinions.
Well Helmut we went out last year in a 16.5 Lund with a 50 horse motor and ran into this........and still had little difficulty...just slow ride home!!

ended up with these guys though........


So a calm day...sure ......heck your boat is bigger than ours was....just be certain on weather forcast as it can get ugly fast!!!
The length of your boats no problem but the low sides may prove a problem if the lake blows up. Pick your days carefully & if it starts to get rough make a quick run to shore. Don't stay out hoping it'll get better or at least stay the same.
I have a 16ft with low sides too and I have to pick my days very carefully. Im not a big fan of getting wet and it doesnt take alot of chop to come over the front a bit even trolling. Erie kicks up very fast so be very carefull no fish is worth hurting yourself for

A bad days fishing better than good days work.
As others have said it isn't the length of the boat but the freeboard that is the concern. If I was planning on doing any amount of walleye fishing that is definitely not the boat I would buy. Heck there are plenty of days that I wouldn't feel safe on LPB in a boat like that.

IMO boats like that are meant for small lakes (like the muskokas, not lake simcoe), if you want to play on the big water you probably want to get something a lot deeper, something more along the lines of the pro-guide 16.
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