Pt. Bruce July 24 & July 27-11


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Sunday evening July 24/11

Well the two times out so far on my 2 weeks vacation

Sunday afternoon fishing with pops Daughter Brit and future son-inlaw Aron. We had lines in the water by 3:30 and started fishing in 58 to 68 FOW the water temp was 80 degrees and we were throwing everything but the kitchen sink in at them and we came away with one 4.5 lbs bow and a 7.8 lbs walleye.

Started with the downriggers at 35 ft and anything with pink on it. We ran high and short and sunk low to 50 ft and 120 FT out and still nothing. Just not our day for any numbers.

The walleye was brought in with a wormharness yellow and silver spinner blade on 10 colour lead core and that was the only one it caught so we changed to the red then the blue and even a black nothing not a sniff!

The rainbow was brought in using the brightest pick lure I have. Riggers set at 35 ft and line out 60 ft tried different colours and depths but nothing producing ran 1.5 mph up to 3.5 mph fish were caught at 2.5 mph

It was a beautifull evening out on the lake though and still better than workin!8D

a few pics from the evening:D
leaving port

the happy couple

the other happy couple

Wednesday July 27/11

almost the same as above but just different daughter and and boy friend, went closer to Burwell instead of going straight south from Bruce and went deeper to start right to 64 FOW out to 70 ft.
Stopped marking fish way out so we turned around and came back to 65 ft where we were marking them

Lines in the water by 4:30 riggers set one at 30 ft 65 ft out and the other at 50 ft and 100 ft out 5 colour lead with pink watermelon
and the 10 colour lead out with a wormharness and yellow blade

rigger set at 30ft went off in about 5 minutes after set up with a 4.5 lbs walleye and we thought we were in for a great evening of fishing. But not in the cards for us LOL the rest of the evening was sheep after sheep and one jumbo perch the lake was soooooo smooth just beautifull out there and the pictures to follow

leaving port

the 4.5 lbs'er

the daughter

the lake shot

again a nice night to be out and still better than working! :D

I was thining about going into the walley tournament but with these luck we have been having I might just save my $75.00 fee for gas in the boat .................Kirk to place comment here.
considering gillers shore report for the 27th---not really surprised by the second pic of the pier.

never seen that few people out there, even the day crowd has been relatively light? this year.

Yeah there were more people at 8:30 last night when we came in about 20 and there were 6 boats in shallow perchin and doing pretty good from what they were telling us
No need for me to comment Rick,you know what I am thinking...LOL

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