Pt. Bruce Aug. 5/11


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Today was Dad-Daughter day fishin
We started our day at timmies at 6:00 am and the lines in the water by 7:00 am (almost had to kidnap her to get her out) but once we got out she had a lot of fun!

2 lead lines out the sides one 5 colour and one seven. We tried most lures with pink and silver back right from the start and got our first two walleye around 8:00 - 8:30 in the morning. I lost the third off the rigger down 36ft 120 ft back with KO bumble bee

we trolled from 55 FOW out to 63 FOW very rocky and tough to keep the boat steady but the girl did a great job!:)
surface temp was 75 degrees
speed on the GPS was between 1.6 (sheep speed) to 3.4 (wave speed)

the forth and last walleye came off the lead again about 12:00 pm using KO green veggies with a big fat dewy on the hook! 8D

brought in our share of sheeps today as well rapped things up about 1:30 pm and headed home

and here are a few pics

leaving the channel

the Captain of the day

our first fish

the rollers we battled

the end of the day
Good going Rick.You do know those fish won't survive in your pond right?:D

Some good looking eyes there kmaub.

That "crowd" looks like its getting smaller and smaller and if I'm not mistaken the guy in the yellow looks like he's got some action. Channel looking good tho nice perch chop to it.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Kirk, too bad we didn't have these three for the tourny today

I wish I had a pond that would hold that size! (pops's pond)hehe

Don't think it would be much cheaper than the boat though! :D

Thanks packrat, seems like the crowd is getting thinner everday! :)
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