Proposal for a Mourning Dove Harvest

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Hello Everyone:

I have enclosed a copy of my letter to Mr. J. Hughes regarding a proposal for a Mourning Dove Harvest in Ontario.

Long Point Waterfowl has previously conducted the research on this topic to support such a proposal.

My proposal will be on the agenda for the next Ontario Waterfowl Advisory Committee meeting to be held during the third week of October.

I have submitted this proposal in consultation with Long Point Waterfowl and I have contacted Ducks Unlimited Canada as well as Delta Waterfowl requesting their support.

Individual letters of support should be sent to Mr. J. Hughes as previously suggested with the proposal to increase the daily bag limits for Canvasbacks and Redheads (refer to separate topic).

I thank you for your support with this proposal.


Jerome Katchin, D.V.M.


20 Balsam Trail, RR 1
Port Rowan, Ontario
N0E 1M0

September 29, 2010

Mr. J. Hughes
Canadian Wildlife Service
Environment Canada
335 River Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0H3

Re: Proposal for a Mourning Dove Recreational Harvest in the Province of Ontario

Dear Mr. J. Hughes:

I am writing to present a proposal for a Mourning Dove Recreational Harvest in the Province of Ontario.

Mourning Doves (Zenaida macroura) have traditionally provided large economic and recreational benefits to Americans and I have often wondered why we do not have a fall hunting season in the Province of Ontario for these bountiful game birds.

I have recently reviewed a Technical Report (No 2007-1) published by Long Point Waterfowl and I was surprised to learn that the current North American Mourning Dove fall population is between 400,000,000 and 475,000.000 as determined by three (3) different research teams over a twenty three (23) year period. Furthermore ... the current Mourning Dove annual harvest in the United States is estimated to be approximately 20,000,000 which is greater than that of all other migratory game birds combined ... swans, geese, ducks, coots, rails and woodcock!

The complete Technical Report ... Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura) Population Dynamics and Societal Assessment Towards a Proposed Hunting Season in Ontario ... is 37 pages in length. I can fax you a copy or you may obtain a copy directly from Long Point Waterfowl.

I thank you for your due consideration and support in this proposal.


J. Katchin, D.V.M.


Dr. S. Petrie, Executive Director, Long Point Waterfowl
Dr. D. Ankney, Chairperson, Scientific Advisory Committee, Long Point Waterfowl
Seems to be more and more of them every year. I love my field hunting so another species to target would be just great. Hope you make progress on this.

Anything specific we should put in our letter? Or just a short and sweet "Open a season for Mourning Doves" type deal?
Hello guys,

A few points:

1) The groundwork for a limited Sandhill Crane hunt is underway so I would wait until a proposal has been submitted before I submit a letter of support for it.

2) I have already discussed the possiblity of a limited (tag only) Tundra Swan harvest with Mr. J. Hughes and I will post some information regarding the Management Plan for the Eastern Population of Tundra Swans on 6-8. I will also be submitting my proposal for a limited (tag only) Tundra Swan harvest in the Province of Ontario and I will post my proposal on 6-8 ... it is coming.

3) A letter of support can be short ... just state who you are and that you support the proposal to have a Mourning Dove Harvest in the Province of Ontario.

4) Save your postage stamps by faxing your letter to Mr. J. Hughes (1-613-949-8307).

Thanks for your support and please spread the word about this proposal.

Jerome Katchin, D.V.M.
Hello Everyone:

I am reporting back on my proposal for a Mourning Dove harvest in Ontario which was discussed at the last Ontario Waterfowl Advisory Committee (OWAC) meeting.

I have received a copy of the minutes from the OWAC meeting and it would appear that all parties (CWS, MNR and OFAH) are supporting this proposal.

I would suggest that anyone interested in a Mourning Dove harvest should still submit a letter of support (if they have not already done so) to ensure that this proposal is implemented.

Thanks again.

Jerome Katchin, D.V.M.
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