Port Glasgow Sunday Sept 4th


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Well I called the 2 brothers who booked for this morning and tried with no luck to talk them out of going today. The lake was a bit lumpy out there and the brothers were chumming the fish all morning. This seemed to work because every time one or both would heave over the side a rigger would go off. They ended at 12:30 with 4 big bows and 3 walleye. It started to rain just as I brought the last rod in. All fish came off the riggers and none off the boards. All fish came from 62-68 fow down 43-53 feet. Pink Panties took all the bows. As for the guy who left the note on my windsheild today calling me a Bull#hitter because I got a limit of wallys and bows last week, all I can say to you is maybe you should sell your boat and take up another hobbie. I post what happens on the water and have no need to BS anybody. When I said I had 4 fish at that time on the radio that was I had 4 bows and just needed 1 more. I already had 6 walleye in the box. I feel if you are going to leave notes like that for someone at least have the guts to sign your name. It is people like you that make others not want to post fishing reports and I for one will have to think long before any more posts. I really don't need the crap thrown at me and I for one don't need anybody to tell me where the fish are. Maybe you should pay more attention to the talk on the radio and do what others do. Who know's you maybe able to catch a fish or two. Oh and if you think todays post is also BS drop me a PM and I will give you the brothers names and cell number so you can VERIFY. Sorry everyone for the rant but this kind of crap rubs me the wrong way. Chad and his brother Craig sent me this picture that I took on his phone as I left my camera back in London this morning.
Wayne this is why most don't post anymore. I was out and crushing them and sharing info and some guy bashed me aswell. Some just don't get it. O well maybe the guys that are bashing should go on a charter with the one they are bashing before they actually bash you. The fish are there and we are still pounding them. Others just need to figure out the program and listen to the info being told over the air ways. I will never forget the day I had a few years ago with JAMMER we did 50 fish before lunch. We were at the dock and we had guys waitting there for us to see our catch. They were shocked that's forsure , so we gave them all the rainbows and we kepted the eyes. I'm sure they never forgot that day lol. Don't worry about the few that are bad Wayne you get that in every business. Keep at it all will be good.
nice catch and thanks for sharing. the only thing i can say about the guys who think you're bs-ing is sour grapes. some guys have a real problem coming to grips with the fact that they don't know/can't do everything !
Boy,thats an eye opener for me.I don't blame others for my inept attempt at catching fish.I guess who ever it was didn't have the foresight to leave you even his phone# so you could school him on what he's doing wrong.As for the threads about others sharing their success,I personally appreciate all the help I can get,as I don't get out very often,and usually try to copy what others find works for them. just my 0.02 worth
Exactly - without some of the information shared on sites like this one - novices/beginers like me would have a much harder time trying to figure out how to improve our catch rate- and many would just quit trying - not having the time, energy or resources to invest in the sport full time like some others can. As far as I'm concerned the more people we have participating the more advocates we have for the sport/industry and resource. So I say thanks for sharing your knowledge and successes - it helps to encourage many.
Don't worry about someone that doesn't even have the guts to say it to your face this guys just a punk that doesn't deserve a second thought. I can't stand trolling myself so I really enjoy reading the charter guys threads makes me think I could go out and catch them if I wanted to.Your post are very helpful to the weekend warriors on here and prolly saves them tonnes of gas keep on posting and forget about the note writing punk.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods, The Rod Glove and Live Eye Jigs for their support
Hey Scrimmy,pls. keep on postin.I'm new hear but thx to you and all the other reg.s,I'm hooked... needin fish reports daily ,best readin anywhere.Gotta a 19 ft.'er and some gear,need education and good weather....oh yea and fish.Thx. again for all your help.
Thanks for the kind words guys. I have cooled down now but would like to know what kind of person does this.
Originally posted by scrimmy

would like to know what kind of person does this.

An A S S H O L E ! ! ! ! Scrimmy


"Rivers are living things, sometimes swollen and discoloured, other times thin and anaemic. Spend enough time around a particular river, you learn to read its moods, like a spouse reads a partner."

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