Port Glasgow August 15th


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Lets just say it was an interesting day. My appointment book showed a charter for 4 people for 5 hours (half day) When they arrived at 8 AM they told me they booked for 8 hours with a start at 8:00 AM. So be it. After the storm on Sunday I was worried that I could not find any fish. I found a number of Bows in which the young lads lost every one. I won`t bore you with the details of how they were losing them, suffice it to say that every bow they lost cost me money! They lost a few Wally`s also but did manage to boat a few for a few meals. 55-65 fow west of port. While we were nearing the end of the charter I received a distress call from the marina snack bar. Seems the 2 older gentleman ventured out onto the lake with out a radio. Very stupid thing to do in my opinion. They did have a cell phone and used it to contact the marina. I was 13 miles from Port and they were 5.5 miles due south but they had no idea where they were. I managed to locate them and proceeded to tie up their rope to the `Whale Bone II`. I told them that one of them should hold the rope out of the water and feed it out as I began my pull. This must have fallen on deaf ears because all of a sudden the `Whale Bone II` came to a sudden stop and stalled out. You guessed it the rope was rapped around my prop as tight as could be. After removing my fish cooler off the swim platform I managed to get completely soaked and cut the rope( which was now about a quarter of its original length. I checked my plotter to see how far of a tow it would be as it was a bit rolly out there. It was 5.5 nautical miles due south of port and an eta of 55 minutes. That was right on the money. I asked the boys what was wrong with the boat and they said after trolling for 3 hours they went to speed up and it stalled. It was an old 1982 chevy 4 banger with points so I told them to keep some emery cloth on board to sand the points down when it happens again(and it will) It also had a pre cobra OMC outdrive on it which is about the worst outdrive ever made. I told them to get a radio for that boat if they are going to keep it and change over to electronic ignition. Everything ended well except for one casuality. As I was bending over the swim platform to cut the rope a giant wave crashed over me soaking me to the bone. I am afraid my cell phone did not survive as the vibrator mode will not stop unless I pull the battery. Maybe I could sell it to a horny couple. OOps did I say that. What a day to leave my camera at home. Some of the pictures from today would have been priceless.
Try tossing the phone in a container with rice for a while and see what happens. The rice has a cool way of sucking all the water out and making broken things functional again! (anyway, it might be worth a shot!)
Waooo quite the adventure Scrimmy.
I've been on both sides of the distress situation so it helps when someone is arround to help.
Hope they have offered to buy you a new phone?

Ice Fisherman
No such luck icefisherman. Oh well life goes on and I see a new cell phone in the near future. Just have to find a good cheap one or the wife will not be impressed.
Wayne if u r on bell i have a couple of good ones here u can have-lg,sanyo,samsung horty
Just make sure that you don't lose the phone. If there is not one to trade in, it will cost you a lot more, I think. It did with Bell for me a year back. (phone went for a swim, and did not come back!) Rogers may expect a phone back. Tell them you just want another model in case they try to ding you for a broken phone.
I have heard of the rice trick working from a friend. Try that first, then if you can get a new phone for nothing or cheap, trade it in. Who knows how long it will last if it does revive. That may be briefly only. No real way of telling, is there?
I too would (and have d0ne so) help someone in distress (three times), but it sure wasn't the easiest of days for you. Sorry to hear of the bad day including the charter.

London, Ont
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