Port Bruce Aug 08/011


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"chamber music please"

At the parking lot at 5:30--OMG its still dark and-----only two cars present.

Had to sit a few minutes once I got out there just to see what I'm doing cuz I'm using the braid line first.



Not many people here at the front of the bus:



Not many people at the back of the bus either:


This was certainly not looking good, lake was flat, was so humid you could almost take a bath in it.

Anyway, yes there were "some" perch caught, yes there were "some" sheepies caught. So no skunk today.

Lost ol faithful today:


Is there a doctor in the house???


And now after many hours of practice, here's everybodys favourite:


Just as a side note the braid setup was working like a charm, respooled with power pro 10# and had no issues with line breakage at all. Even the salties I made up were doing OK---that's all I had anyway.

That's all she wrote folks, been a pretty good season for me, looking forward to next year



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Originally posted by Caseys Dream

What do you mean it's over!

There are still a lot of perch with your name on them!!

Yeah but they'll be bigger next year



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Originally posted by kmaub

Great pics

is the chair going to make it?


Unfortunately just after that last pic it went into total collapse and expired. After a short service was interred into the nearest garbage can.:p



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Hey packrat..........to bad about the the canadain chair !!(can we get a moment of silence please! :()great pics I really like the 1st one ,never get tired of seeing the sun come up when you hit the end of the break wall ! Come on you can't pack her in yet there is lots of minnow at North Erie and still lots of perch to be caught off the end of that pier ;)..................apps


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I hope Packrat will forgive me for piping up here on his behalf..:p

Apps: Packrat is on a fixed income...plus he's from Brantford and he's done the tour of duty since June I believe. It gets a bit expensive after awhile making the run there with gas prices the way they are.

I would have gone with him a few times but my small business kinda prevented that.

Plus there are some smallies to catch locally before the annual sanctuary kicks in the end of Sept.:D
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