perchin on hasting


went out on friday to hastings with 6 guys two boats caught 200 perch
and when we got back to shore we noticed that some one had nothing better to do then slash our tires on our trucks
Good job on the perch. Its to bad about the tires that's just not right hope you filed a police report. And I hope who ever did it isn't a local.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods, The Rod Glove and Live Eye Jigs for their support
We were parked along side of road, in a legal parking area.Pulled boats across Norfolk County Property. I guess somebody didnt like us catching there perch or parking on there road and yes i would love to have a word with the pricks !!

Steve Stewart
Steves Caulking Services
Im in the habit of putting my game camera in a place to moniter my vehicle and property when i leave it some place. n if i get a person or plate.....i dont call the police.
What a coward!! What kind of person would do that! I hope whoever it is person is found and gets whats coming to him!

Justin Walsh
I dont condone people slashing tires to get a point across, but we own a piece of property on hasting and we have had people launching from our ramp and leaving there vehicles on the property so we were unable to use it.People should not use someone elses ramp with out permission, but its good to here that you had a great day on the water
Good Fishing Hooch, it is amazing out there.

Sorry to hear of the vandalism you experienced. I can speak first hand about the people who live on Hastings and feel that none of them would have done this to you or your vehicle. They are upstanding people who just want to cottage, they have had all kinds of bad experience them selves, everything from theft, speeding, garbage, confrontation, trespassers and parking problems.

I think what happened to you was simply a random act of vandalism.

It is too bad there are not better access points to that fishery. It is one that is large enough to sustain a large number of fisherman. My boat is too large to go off there so I do a 44 mile run to get to them.

I do hope you go again and have a better experience in the future.


July long weekend 2010

BD---is that catch from this year or last.

Amazing doesnt do it justice.

Hooch sorry to hijack your thread

hey donc,you dont condone? But if they park at yours you might. interesting.
i was parked on the road, in a legal parking zone and drug my boat across Norfolk County Property. Total legal!!
stevie boy I would never slash someones tires. We had that happen to us in a turkey point parking lot a few years ago and it was a real pain to get the tire fixed and I hope someone sees the one who is respnsible for doing these things
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