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Anyone willing to give up their favorite homemade perch rig?? I have never fished for them and need a bit of info.

Pickerel Rigs have been working for me in the deeper water. Fish it on or close to bottom and get ready for some doubleheaders.
I agree with Stomp, pickeral rigs are simple and effective. We noticed that the fish almost always took the bottom hook so I shortened the line between the bottom hook and the sinker to about 8" and we seem to get more fish going to the top hook now and lots of doubles!
I run a 1/2-3/4oz bell sinker on a snap swivel on bottom with 2 #6 red true turn hooks tied 1-2ft above the sinker and about 1 ft apart, on 10lb fluro leader on 20lb powerpro main line. No stretch, can feel every tap and I think hook more fish than with the pickerel rigs. If they're really on it likely doesn't matter, but some of the biggest fish are the lightest bite, just some resistance on the line and set the hook. The pickerel rigs have more play and bounce on them than an inline rig.
15-20lb power pro
10ft 8-12lb floro-carbon leader material
1/2oz drop shot pencil weight
#6 drop shot hook 12" from bottom
#6 red true-turn snell 12" above drop shot hook on a bear paw link

Run minnows on both till Ya find them. Then switch to a 2.5" Gulp minnow on the drop shot. Set hook (you can feel every bite but mostly as just increased tension)...but don't reel in for 10 seconds or so. Amazing the number of doubles you'll get on the drop shot Gulp with one already on.

Have fun...worked at 48ft last year very well.
Have to try that Gulp on the second hook, tried it by itself last year and never got a look fished side by side with shiners, when the shiners were non stop.
I think that the drop shot rigged hook is key to making the Gulp work. Gives it an incredible action when being dragged around by the first fish hooked. 25 Doubles in an hour last year....something definately was happening right.
Originally posted by smokerman

Anyone willing to give up their favorite homemade perch rig?? I have never fished for them and need a bit of info.

Contact Steve Keating, He holds the Key.! :D

Team Rau..!
We traded in our trusty pickeral rigs and tried the drop shot set ups yesterday. You can definitely feel the bites a lot better even in 40+ fow with big waves which is really, really nice. The only downside we found is that you almost always lost the second minnow when reeling in the fish. I am thinking that the same lack of slack that lets you feel the bites better also tends to rip the minnows off on the way up. Is there a better hook maybe that we should try?

Also, John at Jarvis Rigs'n Jigs showed me some little clips that allow you to clip a snelled hook to your mainline which supposedly gives you better feel of the bite than a pickeral rig with the wire arm. They also allow you to move the hooks up and down as you wish. I will give them a try if we go perchin' again.
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