ship wrecked

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good luck guys hope we have a good one :D
I have'nt been able to sleep the last 2 nights.
The decoys are all in the boat, I'm gonna go to bed like the guy in the commercial, wearing my all my hunting stuff!
Have fun.
well the excitement was over rated 3 of us ended up with 3 geese and 1 duck if you want to call a blue bill a duck.was a gorgeous day out on the water i bet i didn't see 25 ducks..did see hundreds of cormorants
kicked off the season at Luther marsh this year
ended up getting 18 mallards between the 3 of us by 9:30
tons of ducks, & even more "skybusters"
once we got back at camp, C.O was telling us that this year has been the worst he's seen so far on skybusting
everyone that he checked that were skybusting only had 1 or 2 ducks, and were heading home
maybe if they worked the ducks better, they too could have got thier limits too!
how was it @ the point this opener for duck numbers & for "skybusters"?

When times are tough,
and flocks are small,
take your time,
and kill 'em all!
Hey Dicker,

That's a direct result of 2 boats, 4 mojo's, 1 duck commander flyer, 2 dozen teals and 5 dozen magnum mallars decoys, not to mention 3 good callers and three guys making awesome shots.... You forgot to mention that the three different Conservation Officers checking us told told us they checked over 60 guys and we were doing the best they've seen thus far. Upon leaving when we packed up camp at 1:00 we were inspected again at the check point and we still were still the only one's with limits. Your not kidding with the sky busting. It was disguisting! I've never seen sky busting that bad! All the C.O.'s told us they were watching guys who were sky busting as well as not retrieving ducks immediately after they were shot.
For all you sky busters out there. You should be ashamed of your selves! If you want to make 150 yard shots, go deer hunting and stay out of the marshes!
You too should feel ashamed John!
Giving away some of our secrets like that on what you need to do to bring home full limits!
That much took us about an hour to figure out, now guys learned that in just 1 minute just by reading a post

When times are tough,
and flocks are small,
take your time,
and kill 'em all!
wait til you see how many are there next week because of your post then complain about allt the people and skybusters
We're not the type to back down from a challenge!
Everywhere you hunt anymore, you have to deal with competition
Part of the sport nowadays
That just makes us try harder
See you there!!!

When times are tough,
and flocks are small,
take your time,
and kill 'em all!
Hey rbrwrm,

That's the point of the post. SHARE this beautiful sport of duck hunting. Luther Marsh issues 250 permits to hunt at a time. So, I'm confused as to how there could be anymore out there as your post suggests? I hunt another area on a regular basis. Last year some new hunters asked a guy where the best spots to hunt were. As I was standing there the guys they asked lied and tried to send them to an area with no water. Luckily I helped them out. I've looked at some of your other posts. I see others are willing to help you find the perch and on reservation forms. As well as you posting on what spot you took on the bay? And by the way, that's not the best spot to take. LOL. Share the love of the sport.

John Dickson.
Awesome job you guys!
You two made out better than anyone I know, maybe there is something to all the effort you guys put in to settin' up
BTW- thanks for all the help from the past dicker,I know I really appreatiated it
Please don't stop posting all on the account of 1 persons opinion, I think they might be the only one that feels that way on this site
Hence one of the main reasons I visit this site, give a little and get a little as I always say, & it's always nice to share some of your experiences with friends
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