old cut Thursday feb 24


Walked out to the area where Jimmys huts were and ended up with 25 keepers in the 8-10 inch range...not bad considering how slow it was around me..normally I would move around a bit but after watching several others change spots with little to show for it, I stayed put...Like Jimmy says..jig a spoon to bring them in...most were caught on a silver hammered Williams....


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Hi all.
We started at 13:00 and kept moving until 17:00 with no keepers. We ended up where pics was and nothing until 17:30. We kept 5 9 inchers but it was slow.
I am glad you got some fish pics.
Cheers, Clark


It was a nice day to be out..I thought for sure it would be a better day due to the coming storm...I was really impressed with the average size of the fish that were coming around...