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Guys (and gals)....
For some reason of late, I'm breaking off Dipsy Divers. I'm using 30 lb braid on an 11 ft Dipsy Rod. This summer I have snapped off 3 of them!

First thing I did was put on fresh braid. I talked to the guys at Angling Sports in London. They told me to take a Q-tip & check each guide on the rod for nicks which would cause a snap off when I trip the Dipsy. I checked the rod & the guides are just fine.

Anybody else run into this problem or have any ideas about what could cause it? I've been fishing Dipsies for years & have not had this problem. At $22 a pop it's starting to get pricey.

Should I maybe go back to fishing mono?


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Rod eyes, line guide, poor knots or bad batch of braid... Do you use a snubber? Are they breaking off with fish hits or when you trip dipsey to reset? Odd indeed...


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I had a bad guide part way down one rod a year or so back, lost at least two before I did the q-tip test both directions around all guides.

One time trolling along, everything normal and the rod snapped straight, no fish smack or anything.

If the line is good, could be your knots. Make any changes?

I strip a bunch of line off every rod a couple of times a season due to normal wear and tear.

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What knot are you using to tie braid double uni knot works well with braid haven’t had that problem but stay away from mono for dipsys


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Double/triple check your knots... maybe even try a different one.
You can also take a permanent felt pen and mark the knot and a couple feet up from it so you can tell if it's breaking before or at the knot.

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Palomar for virtually everything. Sorry my mistake, It's the Improved Clinch Knot. {That's the only one I know}. LOL
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