need perch lesson


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ok here is what I'm thinking

perch are schooling fish so if you find one there must be more.

Perch also do not stay in same area and always moving. is it a big area they move in?
if they are introduced (stocked) into a certian area wil they return there. are they likely to head for big water rater than stay in a channel if they have a chance.

if you were to dump a large number of perch in one location would they stick together??
the perch move where the bait fish are plain and simple.

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
the question is it legal to do so???? I don't think you can that I mean transport fish from one place to another with out the MNR approving it first. I tried once to get some trout into a pond the MNR came out to survey the pond and declined my request as they told me that if the pond ever was to overflow that the strou could en up in big creek and interupt the life cycle of resident fish living there.

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
Most ponds in this area allready have perch in them along with many other panfish and largemouth bass. The only one that does not get grubs in there flesh is crappie, not sure why, but have never had a crappie(winter or summer) that has had a grub in. Perch, sunfish and bass all get these grubs including trout. If you want to stock a private pond, ask the MNR if crappie is a species you could. Spring is the time as the commerial guys have live fish.

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I know of some guys near Owen Sound who help landowners with stocking permits, etc. They arrange for the species of choice (bluegill, bass, etc.), OMNR permits, delivery of fish, etc. They do work all over Ontario helping landowners out with the 'unknowns' regarding pond stocking.

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