Need major boat help!!


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So, the last couple trips out with my boat I noticed a whining sound coming from the alternator area of my engine, my voltage was also spiking up and down on my gauge.

I took it into my mech and he changed the alternator. I've also got a brand new battery, so that shouldn't be an issue.

So, my last trip out, I start my boat and everything seems to be OK, but I can smell a slight burning smell. Just as I slow down to begin setting up for a troll, my motor is now idling horrible and finally stalls out. I didn't think much of it, put the kicker on and fished for the day.

When we went to start up to leave at the end of the day, my motor turned over but didn't want to start. Then, I realized my negative battery terminal was burning and it actually melted the lead post connector!!!

I need some serious mechanical help, my mechanic doesn't seem to know what's going on either.
Sounds like a very serious Short Circuit to me,check all your battery connections for tight,then move back towards your fuse panel,and keep a close eye for melted plastic covering your wiring harness..I can't believe you didn't blow a fuse somewhere...everything IS fused right? Good Luck
PS is this an I/O or an outboard ? oh check your voltage regulator if it isn't part of the alternator.
sounds like a dead short to me, start checking your battery cable under the motor and every heavy cable first. then insect all wires working out from the battery connection. Also when you go to hook up battery,if the cables start to arch with everything off then something is shorted. The only way to find this is to disconnect things untill it stops arching. This will be a time consuming job but it is the only way to find things. Check any areas where the cable are running under things and where they rub on metal.
It's a 22ft Islander, with a 4.3 mercruiser. I'm going to get in there and try tackling it today. One other question, with a short somewhere, or some other electrical issue, will it cause the engine to run like crap? This thing has always run top notch, and as soon as this issue started, it doesn't start easy, and it doesn't want to idle smooth.
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