Nanticoke july 31st


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Went out last weekend and hammered them in 50 to 65 feet, on dipseys and riggers. Went out tonight and not even a bite, headed back out tomorrow. Saw a bunch of boats but no one seemed to bringing anything in, marked tons of fish just no bites. Anyone out tonight or recently and got into them ? Any help would be great.


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I was out tonight with 4 kids on the Tahoe. We had 8 rods out. We ran snaps, big boards, lead core and dipseys. We caught 3 was tough fishing. Used harnesses and spoons. All 3 fish off harnesses and 7/8 colour. Fish looked like they deep? Bait was 30-40fow and fish looked to be 40-50.


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Was definitely slow last night for us from 5 - 8. Picked up 5, lost a few too. Stayed in 60'. No certain patten seemed to work. Everyone seemed to be having the same luck except one group we met back at the marina said they limited in 58 ' running 3 colour. Go figure.


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We also went out on Thursday and had a three man limit before noon. Clip in weights and bandits 24 -27 ft over 45 to 50 ft. Also some on worm harnesses at the same depth. Most of the fish were over 4 lbs and three over 10 lbs. The larger ones we released. Good day for us that's for sure.

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Share the wealth! What is Roland’s magic?lol
Find the active fish..5 colour lead core with worm harnesses dark burgundy blades..slow speed 1.6 mph.make turns.Now I do everything he does.When hes not with me we catch 50 percent less .And his buddies will get one or 2 fish when he gets 30 plus.Happens all the time.


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Out last night from 6-9. Two quick ones In 55’ within 10 minutes one on 5 colours fire tiger harness, one on purple chartreuse flicker with a partial worm with a medium dipsey 100’ back. Only two lines out as I was by myself so I Thought I was going to be done in half an hour- wrong! Next two hours was small hits on the lines, mostly dipsey line and one sheep at 1.8-1.9 mph, varied speed up to 2.4 mph out up to 75’. Then switched up to RRF gold/black and blue/silver for the last half hour and the gold took two more finally when I came back in to 55’ again.


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@Polish-Newfie you mention small hits on the lines.

Experienced that yesterday, almost like they matched the lure speed and gently grabbed a hold of it.

Many times yesterday it was, "That rod isn't doing exactly what the other dipsy rods are doing," or, "that dipsy rod has an unusual bend in it."

Nine times out of ten, the rod in the hand revealed a walleye hanging on. The dipsys were set as normal and release easily, so it wasn't as though everything had been tightened up and wouldn't release.

We also had a couple of smacks, and no hookup, but the lite bite was unusual compared to most days previous.


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Yes @hvyhaul, even the fish I landed hit very lightly. My first one on the leadcore did not feel like a larger (typical LP Bay Walleye) fish at all. The one dipsey was a reed on the line but the other “hits” were likely fish as my worm pieces on the bodybaits kept getting smaller when I checked them. I figured it was very light hitting Walleye, Perch or BaaBaa’s pecking at them.


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Landed one. Only fished for a few hours before dark. First one ever! Brand new to trolling all together. Yaleye orange and black on 7 colours. Basic set up for me lead out the back, dipsys out the sides set on 3.
Nice looking fish.I remembered catching my first walleye and i was excited .It won't take long and you will be filling the boat.
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