Monster at Bluff's Bar


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Wow! Nice looking pike John. I'd like to see a pic of Adam or Pam holding it. Looks like a monster!! Great fish guys.
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Nice fish. That's a pic to scare the children with. I'm planning on heading out Thursday afternoon. I've only been in the outer bay on pottahawk weekend. Its saying 20 km N/E winds. What will that be like out there? As long as its not white caps I'm OK. can I just troll body baits and spoons? Thanks for the help.


WOW!!! put that head on a stick and you can scare the kids on Halloween! :D:D:D

Fish Bones

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Beauty fish John! Thats the best angle to take pikes pics! That big bowl of fillets looked good too!! ;)


That is a great pic. Makes me thankful I'm not a perch.... or any other eatin' size fish for that matter...
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