Make Your Own Decoys

paddle maker

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I make a few a year, mostly to give away. I used to have a half dozen full body gees I would take out to the field, but they where so heavy I needed a wheelbarrow to get them out there. So I switched to silhouettes. I do a couple ducks and few sea gulls and some swans every year for people to put in there cottages and one thing another. Not a pro but I may be able to help with your questions


Been a while since on here. Ive carved hundreds of decoys over the years Mostly divers but puddle ducks also Used to shoot over 150 blocks down there years ago Fred salambier used to come out and take pics of our rig lol, I used white cedar for body and pine for heads and did lots of details Nothing floats like wood in rough water . Cheers

Old Cut LongPointer

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Getting the keel just right is an art all on it's own. You want that deke to roll over and right itself no matter how you toss it. Glass eyes add great detail also.