Liberals and Lg.Pt. Bay

Honey Bea

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Bob Speller the Liberal candidate for Haldimand -Norfolk in the upcoming federal election stated at the all-candidates meeting in Simcoe that he supports the repair of Misner Dam and the restoration of Silver Lake in Pt. Dover.Misner Dam prevents fish from gaining access to spawning beds in the Lynn River.Silver Lake is a stagnant mill pond. Mr. Speller also supports the long gun registry.
:(sad isnt it like the prv.. libs.. pay pay pay for a usless gun reg.. and we pay to get rid of our excess hydro..//so who ya gonna vote for fellas /// criminals dont registar guns never have never will // time for a voters revolt boys n gals //the conservitaves have drove us through a resession very smothly DONT FORGET THAT/// WE ARE BETTER OFF THEN THE YANKS //bob wants and needs a pension thats all ///and and thats all folks sorry but i hjate the sad state of affairs the libs will do to us [?][|)][^][V][:X]:0[B)][B)]
fisherman: I have to agree with you as well I cannot see where the PC party of canada has hindered all of us in any way and my 2 cents I think that the Liberals NDP and the rest should have to repay the entire country the 330 million $ in wasted tax dollars to have the same result that is already there. and that money should come from all MP's personal bank accounts as it is already our money. have a happy monday at the polls everyone.8D;)[}:)]

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
lets face it guys if the conservatives don't get in as a majority government we have just wasted 400 million dollars folks so get out there and vote conservative tomorrow
If anyone has a job in the manufacturing sector i would vote ABC anything but conservative. I also agree that we have to get rid of the long gun registery wich in my area dave mackenzie has voted repeated to keep in place.

A bad days fishing better than good days work.
Anybody who supports repairing the damn and restoring silver lake is obviously a dolt and will not be getting my vote. PC party gets mine :)

You might want to check Dave Mackenzie's record on the long gun registry vote. He is one of the few former police chiefs opposed to the registry.
Long Gun registry is a non -issue. Paid to register my guns long ago as did most law abiding people. Figure if the cops are behind it I don't mind registering.We have to registrer alot of things and if there is one thing this country needs its money to get us out of the hole the conservatives have put us in.
Harper and PC's have shown far too much disdain for rules and cooperation. I would hate to see what that right wing isolationist would do to social programmes and taxes on corp's and rich if given a majority.
Taxes on corporations have been lowered too far and there are no conclusive studies that show that lower taxes incent corporations to our best interest and there are some that show otherwise.
While I can benefit as my personal corp pays taxes of only 15% on the first $500,000 of taxable income I personally do not think that is fair compared to personal tax rates.
How they view Silver Lake is not a factor to me in election.
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