Lead Core Linr???


Hi Everyone,

I have heard alot about fishing with lead core line, 5 colour, 7 colour and so on.

I have never used or seen it being used.

Can someone explain how it all works and can mono do the same thing ?

On board the "Soggy Sandwich"
Leep, I've never used it before either.........but as I understand it.......every ten feet(I think it's ten feet) of line is a different colour, so if they are out five colours, then it's about 50 feet of line. Also, the line has "weight" to it("leadcore") so it doesn't need extra weight to get it down to the fish. I'm not sure of the average depth of each colour of line but I'm sure someone else will post a better responce. I do know you will not get the same results using mono line, unless using dipsies or riggers. I have also heard it is quite "heavy" to reel in, even without a fish on........

Its just a section of line that has a lead core which helps the line sink to a desired depth. I start by putting a few hundred feet of 30lb braid on my reel and then I put a desired section of leadcore on. every 10 yards it changes color so when you here 'colors' its just another way of saying how much lead core line you are using.
If your trolling around 2.5 mph you can approx say every color is 5 feet down. so 5 color will fish around 25 ft down and 7 color is 35 ft. but have to remember depth changes with speed and the size of lure you are pulling. 5 ft/color is the standard for a spoon.
I follow my leadcore with a 40ft flourocarbon leader.
for best results make sure you put the whole section of leadcore into the water.
You can also get it segmented so you have sections of braid in the middle of sections of leadcore. that way you can have a 3+3+4 leadcore reel. so you got a 3,6 or 10 leadcore for different times of the season.
I use leadcore a lot and have 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,10,12 colors on my boat for pike in LPB and walleye. right now 3-7 will work good and in a few weeks you will start getting them more off 8-12 colors.
its hard to get a spoon far away from the boat without using a downrigger(you would need a LONG lead) or dipsey and its a great tool to have in your boat.
Ill be in Burwell on weekends so feel free to talk to me down there.

Hope this helps


Here's a link with a good summary of leadcore fishing. Lots of guys on erie run leadcore off in-line planer boards to get them out and away from the boat which leaves the inside areas clear for dipsies or downriggers. The only drawback is that you then have 200' of line + planer board + 80 yards of core + 50 foot leader + big ass sheephead to reel in........could be that's why they call it "the widowmaker":D

As an added note, when the eyes go deeper off burwell or bruce and i don't feel like playing around with the true widowmaker....sometimes I will put out 5 colour....then add a snap weight fifty feet behind the where the core ends and the braid begins. I have heard that each onz. of weight you add is like adding a colour. It can save you another 100+ feet of line.....which when you are pulling in farm animals all day long can make a big difference....
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