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I have some young hunters that want to get into waterfowling, and was thinking about either a two man layout boat or two- one man boats. Do you guys find them that effective or would you recommend a good hide on a boat? Any advice would be great. Thanks
You will get more use out of a boat/blind than you will a layout boat. That is for overall duck hunting ? No "one" rig evr seems to fit the hunting at Long Point but a boat/blind is as close as you can get....especially if it's removeable to take advantage of the blinds available.

What type of rig are you running ? Usually a 14 footer with a decent size motor[15-25 HP ?] will carry you thru the season depending on where you hunt and when ?

You want more advice reach me at

Chris kozak
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Hello Medium Pace,

I would suggest that you start them off with the "walk in" blinds and then progress to a small Jon Boat with an outboard to reach the other blinds for both puddle ducks and diver ducks (see note below).

Layout hunting for "divers" is more complicated and expensive as it normally includes the use of a "tender" boat. The use of a guide to try this type of hunting is well worth the expense.

Jerome Katchin, D.V.M.

Note: As diver ducks are hunted in more open water and often in potentially "bad" weather care must be taken when selecting a boat.
Hey Jerome ,I saw that duck hunting machine parked in your garage on the weekend .When is there a test cruise ?
Medium pace
Starting out young hunters is great good for you !!! . But if your own waterfowl experience is limited but you are still interested in Layout boat shooting i recommend you get ahold of some guys with experience with this kind of shooting . Layout boat shooting is not what i would recommend for a rookie of any age this is probably the most dangerous method of waterfowl hunting .Also there are only a few areas in the long point area that are effective for this type of shooting and only for a short time . There use in the unit is limited except for b zone and one or two shooting points . Big rice and little rice are areas that you better know what you are doing there are laws for how far you can set up from natural vegatation and especially on saturdays when there are several guys out there running 200 hundred plus decoys . Potahawk and bluff bar can be effective but that is a long run and you better have enough boat .There are several guys in the longpoint area with years of layout boat shooting best to talk to one of them .My own choice for new layout boat hunters especially young ones would be a two man for a couple of reasons they are alot easier to get in and out of alot less tippy and also with the young hunters so close together sitting in the boat they cannot accidently swing there gun in the direction of there buddy this is not the case with two boats anchored 15 or 20 yards apart . Hope that was not to negative .

Hello Sonny,

I ordered a Ford F-150 on Saturday to pull the new rig. I expect the new truck to arrive in mid September but it may be next May before I do the "sea trials" on the new boat.

I hope to hunt B Zone from my back yard with my smaller wooded duck boat this year and blinds 38, 39 and 40 from my back yard with my kayak.

I will have you and Chris over after Labour day to see it.

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