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I've caught a couple bows this year with scars on them but there might be a solution in this article.
I was on a charter out of Erieau a couple weeks ago and actually caught 2 rainbows with lamprays still attached to them , man are they nasty looking .
My count is 11 so far. slice off their heads while still on the bows.
I believe records have been broken for increased numbers the passed 3 years at the trap on Big Creek. Way too many for the amount of time and money spent on controls. I ran into a couple of DFO employees yesterday doing creek assessments so I'll try and track them down again today at lunch and see what they have to say. Weather permitting I'll be able to start doing my own assessments in another month:D. Come on rain and strong north winds. I'm getting a little edgey.



"Rivers are living things, sometimes swollen and discoloured, other times thin and anaemic. Spend enough time around a particular river, you learn to read its moods, like a spouse reads a partner."

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