Lake O. West end - May 25


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thought I should give it a try despite the iffy weather lately.....started early and headed to the BZ (my favourite place of all;-) 8D
Turns out I just wasted 1/2 tank of precious and expensive gas....temps were freezing (41 degrees surface, 39 degrees at 45 feet down)...only stayed there 30 min and headed back west...spent one more hour in search mode...finally found what I was looking for WARM water....relatively....53 degrees surface and 43 degrees down 45 feet.
What a show started shortly after.....over 20 fish for little over 3 hours before the wind, 6 feet waves and white caps kicked us off the lake at 11am....

Biggest was 25 lbs...nice silver healthy clean King....15 min fight....then few more minutes trying to unhook him...and 10 more reviving him...and he went on his merry way....nice fish was longer than 1/2 of the width of my transom ....forgot my camera so shot only from the driveway....

Tech details....spoon bite only....with something blue on them....2.1 -2.2 mph at the ball....20 to 45 feet down in 150-160 fow....

Even my 6 year old got to pull couple Kings....

Mostly kings with some bows in the mix....anything from couple Lbs to 25 Lbs...

Not the best day weather wise but got to get them the way they come ....
Few for the smoker to mix with the white fish from last week:D


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Congratulations Emil. I have no idea how you found the fish but it really doesn't matter....the fact is that you did. Albert and I figured we would try the hydro this morning......bad idea! The only good idea we had was quitting and not going to plan B. The wind and waves came up here as well. So much for the forecast.
Well Arnie,

I'll tell you how- very hard work...half a tank of gas and tons of miles on the boat to find the wormer temps....wasn't easy at all....but it paid off when lines started firing every few minutes ...unfortunatelly the wind sent us packing pushing us off the lake with white caps and 6' waves....or we would have had even better should have seen Jordan driving the boat in those waves....I was surprised how well he managed to keep it in straight line under tough conditions....
Anyhow season is just starting.....get ready...

Ice Fisherman
Great fishing Icefisherman, the boys will be pro's by the time they can get their boat license!
Looks like that tire on the trailer needs a bit more air;)

Brian (Legend Man)
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