Keeping Minnows ALIVE?

Whats the best way to keep minnows alive for a long period of time? I'm going up north and they dont sell minnows close to where I'm going.

Leftys Buoy

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I use a small size aquarium aerator with an air stone plugged into a lighter size inverter {from CTC $10}. Fairly cheap and very quiet.


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buy your minnows in the area you are fishing and try keeping them in a cooler with an aerator rather than a bucket so the water doesn't heat up and kill the minnows


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Occasionally add ice to the water as well. Cools the water down and releases oxygen as it melts.


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have then put into a big heavy plastic bag with oxygen pumped into the bag. will last for 3-4 days if kept cool. then put them into a cooler with a bubbler on them. with a small frozen water bottle to keep the water cool.

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