i'm new to braid


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ok I'm told to put on some sort of line first before braid what should I use and how much also what knot to join up everything
If it's on a spinning reel I tie my braid on like mono and put a wrap of the clear 3M medical tape without any overlap on a bait caster I use a few meters of mono then a uni to uni knot or the above works to. have never had a issue with line slippage with either method.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
Original problems I had with braid was that it was so thin and it wrapped around the rod like wet tissue paper. It was a real pain in the neck(or whatever).
So you need a higher lb test line first.
Then there seems to be none that is clear. This where you need the joints already mentioned. I use flurocarbon as leader material now.
If you want to connect the lure or whatever directly to the braid use a (I think it is improved polymer) really good knot ,otherwise it will slip!
Good luck ,the braid is great as it is really sensitive and you can cast a mile.
I just watched Charlie Wray of Fishful Thinking advise to put a few feet of mono on your spool to stop the braid from slipping on the spool and then make sure when you spool the braid make sure there is tension on so you don't get the braid cutting into the lower layers. Charlie always uses a fluorocarbon clear leader at the working end of the set up. I use double UNI knots to join the mono/braid/fluoro set up. I have had good success with the set up for both perch and bass. The braid lets you feel all the nibbling!! If you go to Knot sites there one for braid and joining with other lines, pick the knot that's easiest for you! Good Luck
I always fill the spool with cheap mono and only have the last 150' or so braid. It really makes a spool of braid go a long way

Dan B.


I have been using 10lb fire line for years and love it. I half fill the spool with mono, then top it off with 120yds of fire line 10lb test. I tie a 3ft 12lb test floro leader on and this works very well. I have one rod that has had the same fire line on it for 6 years, and it is still in great shape. I found that after a couple years the line worked better, it became much more plyable and casted better once worked in. I will never use any other set up for my all around combos. The beauty is that you only use up your floro leader and keep the fire line on the spool. Just my two cents
Here is a link to a neat website that gives animated demonstrations on how to tie all the different knots. It is sometimes easier than figuring it out from a picture. As others suggest, the double uni-knot is great for braid to mono. I think the mono on the bottom of the spool is mainly to save $$ since it takes a lot of braid to fill even a small spool. Lots of guys use the flouro leader while other tie directly to the braid with good success.

If you are using spinning gear you might want to think about using a 'fused' super line, such as fireline or sufix fuse instead of a braided line. After you use braided line for a while it becomes so 'limp' that is can easily wrap around the rod tip. The fused lines aren't as limp and they don't tend to do that as often. I've used braids on my spinning stuff for a few years and I am going to be changing over to fused lines.

Using mono backing is a good way to avoid line slippage (as you and others have pointed out), using a fluorocarbon leader is a good way to reduce line visibility. I use the back to back uni knot, it's strong, not too bulky and easy to tie. If your talking about trolling applications with heavy mono you might want to look into the albright knot.

When I spool superlines I try to put the line on as tight as I can, that helps avoid the line cutting into the spool when it is under a heavy load. Usually I end up spooling it up in the house, then go outside, tie it to a post and walk out all the line, clamp down on the drag and reel it back in. I like to have it packed down on the spool nice and tight. Just be careful when doing this, you don't want a kid riding a bike clothes-lining them self on your brand new super magnum 1000000lb test (4 lbs mono dia) musky outfit!!!
well I'm going to spool up at least 2 rods but I don't think "m going to do the rod I started out to do untill I find some lighter braid. I have some 50lb power pro her and some 10lb suffix. but I was going to do up a perch rod but now thinking the 10lb is over kill. so i will spool it up on something else also going to set up a rod to go get some cats at dunville so that is the home for the 50

once again I thank all for the input
for a perch rod you cant beat some 8lb power pro (same diameter as 1lb mono) with a small swivel and then 2ft of 4lb floro on a good ultralight. so sensitive you'll feel a perch fart near your bait :D

i just made the switch from mono to power pro last year and i'll never use mono again...
Hey dude! I'll be around tomorrow afternoon if you can spare the timento stop in I can help you spool up and show you how I tie my leaders on... It's super easy and once you figure it out... If not tomorrow lemme know

Ps. I used red 5lb braid for perch on the bay last summer and got bit just as much as Averie did on 4lb clear mono....
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