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Looking to try out the unit for the first time. I heard it can be busy, how early must you go to get a spot for the morning. What’s the process? Wait in line get to be lucky for a spot then mad dash to the launch ?


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Be tough to get a spot tomorrow! Unit shoots Mon.,Wed.,Fri.,Sat. Might want to check on Fri. shoots as a couple years ago you had to be in for checkout by 4 pm. If you want a good pick for Fri. you need to be in the line-up at a decent time tomorrow. For more info look up LPWA....


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Hunting days are Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat
ALL hunting days are now 1/2 hr before sunrise until 1/2 hr after sunset
Line up on left side numbers for Mon, Wed & Fri hunts
Line up on right side for Sat hunt
Re-rent line up is at the end for guys that don’t want to line up that early ( some guys pack in just after first light shoot so they can go home before the wife wakes up lol)
Earlier the better in the line ups!!! - early bird gets the worm theory
They drive down and hand out picks just before 5AM (sometimes even a bit earlier!!!) on all hunt days
Everyone has to meet up at the unit office to pick out their blind at 5AM (just after hand outs are done)
No mad dash for the ramps as you have until almost 7AM before first light (we usually hit up Uncles in Pt Rowan before we go head out after picks)

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First time at the Unit or first time at Long Point ? Any prior knowledge of the marsh or Inner Bay ? You mentioned "mad dash to launch" so you have a boat ? How big and HP ? Do you have a dog ? This may dictate as to what blinds may be suitable to you. Not to discourage you but maybe an afternoon hunt ? It will give you time to see where and what is going on instead of fumbling about in the dark. Hopefully they improved the quality of the map they hand out. Satellite photos are ok as a reference but are not accurate due to the high water and storms that have changed the marsh. Check the depth and what kind of bottom you have before jumping out of the boat !

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Follow OCLP's advice and try an afternoon hunt if this is going to be your first time hunting the LPWMU as either Kyle or Randal (officers in charge) will be able to sort things out for you before you head out on your own.


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Should also add. There are about 40 blinds/shooting points, so it's not like they're very "sold out", but not all blinds are created equal.

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Right on BigTalk ! What may be hot in the morning may be a flop in the afternoon. Sometimes the less rented blinds pay off... maybe due to less pressure but sometimes it's the time of the year. That's why it's called "Hunting" and not "Getting" . LoL !


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I have hunted the Unit for over 20 years and love it. I agree with the advice when you are getting started it is wise to hunt re-rents in the afternoon. It is a big and complicated marsh. It is much easier to find your spot in daylight. The other big advantage is the staff in the Unit Office can't really take the time to help you with your pick with a crowd of guys behind you waiting to pick. However, at noon they have lots of time to question you about your experience and equipment and recommend a spot. Often the evening shoot is just as productive as the morning.


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Another thought @dj92 is on a off day of the unit is to grab a map and go for a boat ride and cruise the marsh to learn the locations of blinds and shooting points


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Another thought @dj92 is on a off day of the unit is to grab a map and go for a boat ride and cruise the marsh to learn the locations of blinds and shooting points
It’s best to stay out of the unit on off days. They are designed to give the birds a chance to rest and get comfortable only to increase the number of birds for all of us to shoot
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