Help Needed

Jason B

Well I have only made it down to St.Williams once this year due to kids and just need to know how the ice is. I'll be out Family day with the guys. If you want you can tell me your hot spots, :D but just a basic update East West, how far out to the pack of huts? Thanks, I will post a report.

Fisher Price

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We made it out Saturday mid day for a few hours.

The ice has held up pretty well after the thaw. 14" or better where we drilled. We didn't want to cross the pressure crack as there were a number of open water spots on the both sides.

The ice surface had hardened up and it was easy to get a round on a quad.

Managed 25 nice ones and missed a pile more. The fish were in and out quick. Couldn't get the schools to stay around. Certainly a few monster perch seen out there.

All in all a good day. Only 1/2km - 3/4 km out. just by the pressure crack