Great Day on the Bay


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Hi All.
My Wife and I stopped at Rotten Ronnie's, ( Jimmy'S) to pick up one scoop of his/her finest. We got set up and fishing by 13:10. We were 300 yards west of Jimmy's last hut by EC-10, where I usually fish with my boat. After ten minutes my Wife is saying let's move. I say I don't think so. Much moaning and complaining until 14:00 when a school goes smoking by and we manage seven out the window of the hut. This all took place in about three minutes. Now she is complaining because I wasn't fast enough and I better be ready next time. Sure enough about 14:30 another school comes in but it isn't moving. I have never seen so many fish in my life. They were stacked from the bottom of the ice to the bottom of the Bay. Big ones Small ones and medium to boot. We could not see bottom our lines or bait for fish. I had to pull two of the lines as it was unmanagable. We were not able to hook the many Jumbos but did pull some nice ones. This lasted ten minutes. Now it slows down again and at 15:00 another school goes smoking through. Small to medium and a few more for dinner. At 15:15 it goes dead for until about16:00. From 16:00 until 17:10 we get many small ones in groups of about four to five at a time. We then packed up.
We ended up with thirty, most were eight to ten inches with nothing smaller than eight. My Wife pulled two twelves but they were loners. We threw back many sevens.

So this is what we did and what nature provided.
When we first got set up the current was srong outflow, ( west to east ). The current changed to inflow at 13:55 and the bite started at 14:00. The current stayed inflow until we left and I have always done much better with the inflow. We dead sticked three lines with bobbers and modified Pickeral rigs as always. However I had one line with a jigging spoon which I never do because I am a dead stick kinda guy. I did not jig the jigging spoon nor did I have any bait on it. Fifteen fish on a spoon just laying there doing nothing. The bite was always hard with no nibbling and no guess work. All in all I have to guess that we caught over one hundred and fifty fish.

We had eight inches of solid blue ice.

Going back tomorrow and if anyone wants to know I am fishin in a Red Eskimo three man/woman pop up about half a mile west of EC-10.

Cheers, Clark
Sounds like a good day Walleye - we were fishing in the middle of the bay with little luck (I believe we talked to you as we were leaving) Thats a pretty good catch 8 - 10 inchers make a real good meal.
Sounds great! A little busier than our holes. We went out at St. Williams just past the second crack, iced 18 nice ones, but it was very spotty all day. No real schools, mostly 3 or 4 rolling by. Good luck today out there.
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