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I'm pulling up my floor in my boat during the off fishing season and putting down 3/4 ply. Looking for finishing options. Anything out there besides wrapping in vinyl? Just looking for ideas.
I went with check plate alluminum a few years ago! Its been excellent considering that prior to that I had replaced the floor twice with treated wood and outdoor carpet!
Take a look at Line-x. They can pretty much spray anything and this stuff is super durable, waterproof and easy to clean. They can color match your boat also. There is a one in Cambridge. Did both my trucks with it instead of box liner. Never do anything else
I'm also looking at replacing my flooring. I have a 21 ft Sylvan cuddy and we replaced the floor with sheet aluminum so I'll never worry about rot again. I will also be using a Line X flooring application.
line X no kidding, they can do different colours? so i just do my floor in wood like i was going to then take it in and get it sprayed?
I don't have any pics but my father has a Ford F250 and he had the line X sprayed to match the colour of his truck. Deep Canyon Red was the colour and they nailed it.
my floor would be a bit bigger than a box, any idea what it costs?
This is starting to sound like the way to go, that stuff is tough as nails! have some guys from work that have their trucks done, i didn't know they did anything other than truck beds
I had my full size truck bed done this year and the cost was around the 600. I had a couple of other things done as well so it could be a bit less. They sandblast the area, clean it up and add a layer about 1/16". This will also add weight to the boat. Should not be significant but it will add weight. The place I went to inBurlington will spray just about anything. Great product...
a roll on bed liner kit by duplicolor (get it at canada tire) would be plenty good enough for a boat. its usually on sell every couple months for $100 which is enough for a short box truck.

in my enclosed atv trailer with PT plywood flooring i used a 2 part roll on rubber membrane by tremco that we use at work for waterproofing balconies and parking garages. it's around $1000 for 10 gallons, but it's some really good stuff. you toss silica sand into the top coat for superb traction. the sand comes in many sizes from super fine to 1/16" or so.

luckily i get the leftovers for free from work after we finish a membrane job:D8D
If youre going to use lin-x or rhino, or whatever, be sure that your wood is good and dry, and I would either fiberglass or epoxy the bottom of the sheet to seal moisture from the sheeting. I mean, depending on what kind of boat you have. Do it once, do it right! Last thing you want is to trap moisture, or have it be exposed from the bottom if there will be ANY sitting water in the hull, or all you work top side will be for none. Dont bother with marine ply, its too darn spensive. Good kiln dried exterior should do the trick, and with the lack of rain for months, you should be able to find some nice dry stuff :)
Also, make sure that any fasteners that go into the ply are coated in 3M 5200 or 4200 sealant. You wanna keep the bugger sealed right up, so you dont have to do it again in a few years. Check out the forum at iboats.com for further ideas.

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