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An interesting recent post on this forum made reference to fewer childeren learning to fish. I have no opinion on the post itself and have no intention of singling out the poster, however it intrigued me since I read in the most recent issue of In-Fisherman that number of anglers is actually increasing (albeit this is US data....).

So - I took it upon myself to do a bit of research (no, I really don't have too much time on my hands...). I'd suggest the poster is probably correct. (although the data excludes those under the age of 16, and age 18 in some provinces)

This is based on 2005 data. To summarize:

- Sport fishing is losing popularity
- 825,000 fewer anglers in 2005 than in 1995
- Average male angler is 48 years old
- Total fish caught (and total fish kept) is down significantly from 1995 to 2005
- Total fish harvested in 2005 was 156 MILLION fish (caught by legal means)
- Average catch per angler 64 in 2005, up from 60 in 1995
- Walleye & Perch topped the chart as most caught fish at 17% each. Bass comes in 3rd at 13%
- Catch & release becomming more popular
- On average, resident anglers spend $650 in 2005. (That's it??? and this INCLUDES lodging, meals, transportation AND gear....)

Keep in mind this survey was for recreational fishing only - commercial fishery data is not included in these findings.

Anyway, not sure why I posted that; hopefully some of you find this interesting/useful.
Interesting! The data reflects my observations. The average age of participants in most activities is increasing largely because of population dynamics. The baby boomers will continue to skew age trends. Although there are less children in our society today those introduced to fishing seems as likely to like it as always. Kids today do have more alternatives however.
The kids are to busy playing video game and on the computer I have fight with my son to go fishing but once their he loves it I think to much tech stuff it's a battle to get the kids involved
Hey Mark , I bet you don't have to fight with your son when it comes Duck Hunting time.If you do then let me know and I will take his spot on the gunboat.
I hated fishing till i was probably 18,Jacobs spoiled when it comes to duck hunting cause its usally none stop, and fishing is boring compared to what we do in the fall, when he starts working and can drink beer he will enjoy fishing and taking chicks out on daddys boat hahaha, and theres a training course to join the gunboat,
Excluding those under 16-18 when researching how many children are getting involved in fishing creates a massive source of error. Those stats do not really mean anything if you dont consider the entire population. I am not taking a side either way, but if you are talking about the growth of sport fishing and the average age of fishermen etc. not including those under 18 makes those statisitcs meaningless.

I know i kinda got out of it from 20 - 30 (im 35 now) just wasnt enough time in the day from partying and working trying to get my carreer going then once i was settled a bit more i found time to go fishing

A bad days fishing better than good days work.
Quinner - I don't think Stat Canada's goal with this one was to determine the number of childern getting involved in fishing. More likely they were trying to determine estimated domestic expenditures on fishing related activities in order to help marketers sell us stuff.
I only said this because you mentioned the post where someone said there were fewer young people getting involved in fishing, and then you said you suggest the poster is correct, and then posted these stats from stats canada exlcuding children under 16-18 which just seemed irrelevant. If you were not talking about the number of younger people getting involved in sport fishing my apologies.


Ya no problem getting Jacob hunting he wakes me up sometimes and he is ready talking about girls going to have to hold him off beer for another year don't want another me around and the coarse for hunting in my boat is pretty intence
Well, one might conclude that if there are fewer Canadians age 16+ engaged in the sport of fishing, likely result that there are fewer children involved as well.

But was more an interesting observation regarding Canadian anglers in general, regardless of age compared to stats provided in the cited magazine which indicated more Americans involved in the sport than in previous years.
"825,000 fewer anglers in 2005 than in 1995"

By comparison it would be interesting to know the number of licensed anglers for say 2010.

Have read on various boards including this one the number of anglers visible in any one spot has "increased" thanks to the internet. Would the reverse not be true if the population has declined as they say????

Not trying to start a war just asking

Packrat - you know, that's interesting. Something to consider as well is that population is becomming more dense in certain areas, namely Southern Ontario. So while there could be fewer anglers in Canada,with greater population in certain areas there could be more anglers in those areas.

I'd definitely support the theory that internet may have caused more traffic in certain areas - really difficult to keep a secret anymore. Where used to be a local hole was known, now people are driving 2 or 3 hours to get to that hole because they know where it is.

If the results of this particular survey are in fact credible, would suggest that in general there should be less fishing pressure in aggregate. Hard to find anyplace in this part of the province that produces fish that doesn't see a lot of pressure.

Keep in mind that anything can be proved with statistics, and 68% of statistics are wrong... (ha ha...)
Thank God I still have water where I won't see anybody but Hammy my partner all day long.



"Rivers are living things, sometimes swollen and discoloured, other times thin and anaemic. Spend enough time around a particular river, you learn to read its moods, like a spouse reads a partner."

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