Fishing Nets...rubber or nylon mesh


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just wondering what most of you guys use for a net to successfully land your bows & pics with.. out here on erie?
I personally use the black rubber mesh net with an extended handle

I fish solo alot...and I find usin the rubber mesh net easier to handle netting my fish at boat side by myself

I very rarely miss landing a fish.. as i always target and wait for that head first oppurtunity.. scooping , lifting and in motion...I do keep my boat in gear at a lower speed to keep a tight line with low resistance with the fish
I never try and reach out prematurely..i stay calm and steady gettin that fish right up and close to the proper side of the boat

I also find removing hooks from the rubber mesh is a quick and easy task
the rubber mesh is easy to rinse and does not smell and hold fishy odour like a nylon mesh does
I remember soaking my nylon net many times in a bucket of soap to get rid of the smell
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Hey Mick I use a very large nylon mesh net. I find the large size helps when fishing on your own. I also try and use the shortest rods I can when on my own. The stretch required with a ten foot rod and a small hooped net lost me more than a couple on the side of the boat.


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Good Luck down there Mick, still time to bring in the derby winner. Yes I will be out of Nanticoke for a while. So far it looks slow and steady. Keeping me in fresh walleye. The fish here are a little larger than what I saw in Erieau so that 1 fish is good for a couple meals.

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