Fishing Dipsys


Due to all of the information that has been posted on this web page I have managed to get out trolling for walleye this year.

I have only hooked one so far. While I was netting it it thrashed and cut the leader line. I am using 20# mono to the dipsy and 17# mono leader 6' long.

Do I need to use a metal leader? Different line?

I also read a web page that shows using a split ring and running two lures from each set-up. Is this effective?

Also I am using lures in the 4" range. Is this the correct size?


When use braid for the main line to the dipsy then 15# to20# mono leader.Lots of guys are using florocarbon leaders as well.We set dipsys to #3 setting then out 100-140ft.depending on depth.As for the 3way swivel we have not tried it. good luck.
Always check your leader for nicks and scrapes. If you feel anyting out of the ordinary (scrape, nick or rough spot) change the leader. 17 lb mono leader should be plenty. And no matter what you do - sometimes things will go wrong - they have sharp gill covers. I've never used a metal leader.
You have all the right ideas, some people use mono with dipseys and some braid. with mono it can be difficult to release the dipsey depending on how you have it set and with braid you could probably achieve a greater depth.
I would recommend using Braid and a flouro 20# leader. 6 feet is good. Black Dipseys produce most consistently. snubbers either black or clear/white.
4" Lures are a good size.
Last weekend I caught my fish at the 50 feet down/60 fow mark. So you have to make sure you got your dipsey at the right depth. lure colors will change thorughout the day so make sure your changing things up if your not having any luck.

I have two rods set up for dipseys. I have 20lb mono on one and braid on the other. Both use snubbers and a 6 to 8ft leader, 20lb flurocarbon
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