Fish in the channels??


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Went into the boathouse Saturday,and noticed 20-40 fish (most 1-2 in.)dead on the ice inside. Smaller type perch-(largest 6 in.), bluegill,sunfish etc.(No bubbler inside so whole boat well is frozen over)Area Willow, Pickerel and Teal.
Thought they left the channel in November and don't return until March.
Seems the low water level in the channels forced the fish onto the ice at the edge of the seawall in the boathouse, where they flopped around until dead. Figure if there are that many in the channels this time of year, next year should be great fishing. Looks like water level in the inner bay should also be great this spring.
FYI water-sitting on the ice on the channel today,is about 12 in.deep 15 ft. across.(just happened) Not sure how thick the ice under that is.
Come on spring- Sorry bout that for the ice fishers...Hopefully they will still have a good month left but my boat is rarin to go...Happy V-Day..
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