Etec Motors??

Hey guys was hoping to get some pros or cons about the Etec motors. I don't know alot about them I've read some reports on the first years they came out and sounded like some troubles but I'm sure problems have been corrected. Any input would be great. Thanks
I know that they are 10% more $ than a Merc Optimax and a Yamaha 2 or 4 stroke.I asked the Ranger dealer and that is what he told me.All new Rangers come with E-Tecs.I don't even know where the nearest Evinrude dealer is.Good luck shopping.

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Marina Shores in Long Point sell and service both Mercs and Etecs.Talk to Mike Evans there he can help you decide what you want.Supposedly The Optimax's get better fuel and oil economy than the Etecs.I love the 90 Optimax that I have.
I re powered my boat 2 years ago. I took off a 130hp johnson and put on a 150hp e-tec. Best thing I did I love it, My fishing partner complained of fumes trolling with my other motor,Not an issue anymore. As for fuel performance and oil alot better than my johnson not even compareable.Don't know how they compare with the mercs but I'm VERY HAPPY .I purchased mine at Blue Sky Marine but closer to home is Proctors Marine in Simcoe. Hope this helps
pinstriper welcome to my etec world lol nah i love my etec its only a 40 tiller elec start but the thing is a 07 awsome on gas rarely uses oil. Great for trolling or ripping around out on the lake ive got my etec on a 16 ft deep v aluminum. had it almost new. but you wont regret the motor i know i was crusing along the side of a friends boat this past summer and he had a 60hp merc 2009 4 stroke and i had more on take off as well crusing speed but gave him a run for his money or youtube etec's vs yamahas mercs what ever and see for yourself.

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[ Supposedly The Optimax's get better fuel and oil economy than the Etecs. Im going to disagree with the oil as i had my etec oil changed to ht or hx or xt whatever 100 oil synthetic and it cost 50 bucks for 4 liters and ive used half ;) in 3 yrs.

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WHILE im on the band wagon also fogging the engine no more marina mechanics you can do it yourself in under 7 min the only down fall is in the spring to restart the engine you blow a spark plug but other than that its a investment you wont regret.

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I have a 2006 90 HP E-Tec on my Alumacraft 165 Navigator. Gets excellent fuel economy and has performed very well. My package came from Clarence at Bay City Marine in Hamilton - I highly recommend them. Minimum maintenance, quick and easy to winterize. I run the XD-100 oil and am going through about 1/2 a jug per year. Tracked fuel economy last year (2009), 15 trips to locations like Port Burwell, Port Bruce, Port Stanley and Goderich. Run out and run in each trip (6 to 12 miles each way, one night 22 miles out of Port Bruce) and troll with the 90 Hp about 1/2 the time. Average cost per trip for the year - $10. Of course the other 1/2 of the time I troll with a 6 hp four stroke merc kicker (2008) and it might have used 1 1/2 gallon of gas.

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I also have an Etec a 2008 - 200hp on a 21 foot deep V aluminum.
Absolutely love it, not a single bad thing to say. Excellent fuel economy, minimal oil consumption. It has amazing power and response.
I tired both merc and etec on my boat when I bought it and for me
It was hands down the etec.

Local dealers would be proctors in Simcoe also riverside in Dunnville.

I too repowered last year with a 115 E-TEC, from Blue Sky Marine in New Hamburg, same place as Will. I had an old inline six merc 115 and man there is no comparison. I can't believe this new E-tec is actually a two stroke, no fumes or smoke and uses hardly any oil at all. Amazing fuel savings too, plus it's so quiet you can talk normally at full throttle. I actually got an amazing deal from Blue Sky Marine, as compared to the Merc dealer in the same town offered. I really don't think I would have gone wrong with the Merc, but the huge price difference was the deal maker. Actually the folks there bent over backwards to get my old boat up to snuff to handle all the huge torque from the new E-tec. And it took me all of about three minutes to winterize it, myself, in the driveway. :)Happy for sure, plus it trolls down to 1.6mph on the gps, should I ever choose to do so. Like if my kicker blows an impeller twenty minutes into the day, like that hasn't happened before.[xx(]
Have a 50Etec tiller on my Crestliner Kodiak 16. Doug at Proctor is a 2-stroke fan and sold me on the Etec over the Merc 4 stroke that usually comes with the Crestliner package. I think the Etec was about even money on the package compared to the Merc. It has a ton of torque and I've noticed runs a significantly larger (13") factory prop than the 50hp 4-strokes I've seen. I went thru a 4l of the 100:1 synthetic this season so I guess that's 400l of feul. Fishing Burwell I could run out 10-14 miles, troll 6-8 hours and run back in on less than 5 gallons of fuel. Maxes out at 31-32mph and cruises at 25mph. No problem pulling 3 kids on a tube with 3 adults in the boat at 20-25mph which is as fast as they wanted to go. Performance doesn't seem to be affected much at all when the boat's loaded down. Haven't tried a 4 stoke though so can't give a direct comparison. On a smaller boat like mine it's significantly smaller and lighter than the same hp 4-stroke if weight is a factor.
Thanks for the input greatley appreciated. I noticed a few of you guys said you do troll with them is plugs fouling an issue as with older 2 stroke models?? Have a Merry Christmas all.
I trolled my 50 a lot this past season. It would troll down to 1.8 to 2 mph on the gps depending which way you were going. Probably put 60-70 hrs on trolling walleye this year and no problems that I noticed. I think the computer controlled oil injection runs it pretty clean compared to the old 50:1 premixed gas 2 strokes
Plug fouling in my new E-TEC is not a problem whatsoever. I have used my 115 for an entire day of salmon fishing without as much as a hiccup(just because they said it could be done, and in fact they said I should try it, so I did). The guys at the shop said that the plugs are very specific in how the plugs/electrodes are indexed(inserted)when new plugs are installed. This indexing removes any chance of fouling. In fact it might take 7 or 8 plugs to find a perfect match(four in my case) for each block, as each cylinder is different from the next and no two pluga are exactly the same. No, you don't have to pay for all those plugs. If it's a four cylinder engine, then you only pay for four. But I don't have to worry about that for a couple more years as tuneups are three years apart. Also probably much cheaper than a comparable four stroke tuneup.:D
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Go with the Yammi


I had a 225 HO Etec on my last boat (2006 model). From my own personal experience the hype about "no service required for three years" is a joke. During my three years of ownership I had multiple problems, including a mystery failure to start problem that resulted in several trips back and forth to the dealer. The biggest problem however, was that the lower unit needed to be replaced at the start of my third year of ownership.

It is true that these motors have tremendous low-end torque, but I think this contributes to the high rate of problems with their lower units. Apparently it was such an issue that the lower unit that replaced my old one was a redesigned lower unit that supposedly could handle the stress of all that torque.

Well for me the bottom line was that Evinrude used the gimmick of "no service for three years" as a major marketing point, when in reality they pushed out a motor without doing enough R & D to understand that all that power would stress the lower unit of the motor. The mystery starting problems were never fully resolved, but I was told that "computer upgrades" were done. If there were computer upgrades needed, then the "no service for three years" was simply false advertising.

For me, I was obviously an unsatisfied customer. I hear the Yammie four strokes are bullet proof. If you go with the Etec, make sure to inquire if the lower unit was replaced.

Good luck

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08-21-2010, 04:00 PM
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Etec fouling issues


Having problems with several Evinrude Etec engines continuously fouling the plugs. Two 135s and a 90HP all doing the same thing. They all get about a 30 / 70 split of running hard and idling. Sometimes they are under a good bit of load with lots of equipment in the boat. Is it as simple as using something like seafoam or maybe looking for hotter plugs? thanks!

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WOW glad I did not ask the same Question as my 90 is doing the same thing. And took it to the dealer Thursday they told me every E-Tec coming in is doing the same thing.. Injector issues..............
I will say this the E-Tec is a good motor but wish I had out the extra cash into the Tiller handle for the Suzuki
Not sure how much longer I will have the Evinrude on my boat. Way to many having issues and when its out warranty guess who gets to pay then..
My motor is a 2008.
theres a 130 HP E-TEc thats close...

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yea I had a 2006 90 etec and it hated to troll for long periods. Ran xd100 too, all updates and recalls were done...along with a fuel pump that left me dead on the water, and a bad trim pump. Finally pulled it off and put on a 90 johnzuki....was hard to find it in '07 (they were done in 2005 thanks to BRP) but man do we love it...3rd year on it now. My dad also owns a 90 etec...his is a 2005. It also has had a few issues....ECM replaced, 2 recalls, trim pump and a few spark plugs for fouling. He loves it though as he was use to an old carb v4. To each there own but I wouldn't buy another etec.....ever.

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