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Definitly was great to finally meet, if just briefly.. I know you were anxious to get back to the park to get dried out
Glad eveything worked out Saterday evening, there definity was concern at the dock about the remaining boats out there . That storm came in fast. We tryed texting a couple of friends to warn them when we got a phone call about the storm from my friends spouse that was in London..
A few weeks back my buddy his son and I got chased off the lake by a fast moving storm,, as it turned out we didnt need to make the run in, the storm never got that bad but we still believe we made the right choice, and would do exactly the same thing .. You never can tell what will happen..
Ive been through a couple of bad ones, and they keep me very causious,,but you never know, anyone can get caught up in a wrong decision, and since our weather forcasts are not as acurate as we may wish they were, it may come sooner than we expect. I only hope that I can stay cool, and keep my head, as I did in the past..

Any way it was great to finally meet you. Hopfully some day we can sit down and have a couple of beers and chat


The Worst Day At Fishing Beats The Best Day At Work


We actually met few years ago when you were having your van and boat parked where the trailer parking lot is now....but it sure was nice to see you again my friend... I've missed you by 30 sec Sat. morning as you went into the channel when I was getting ready to launch...Appreciate you and the South Coast guy staying late and keeping an eye for us...hope we see each other on a better wheather condition next time:)

Yes that was one hell of a storm....I'll post a separate detailed report of my last 5 days including the storm...but just to say...Environment Canada weather marine forecast over the VHF radio sucks big time...totally useless...it kept repeating the same forecast since Wednesday...even this morning/Sunday it was still repeating the marine forecast for Wednesday...incredible....people depend on their info and no one to update and change the tape for 4 days?!?!?!? I think no need to say more....
When staying in the Provincial park with no internet access to check all those numerous weather sites using the VHF on the boat is my main way of getting updated weather info...and when they don't bother to update it for 4 days....totally irresponsible....

Anyhow...will post later tonight....unpacking now...

Ice Fisherman
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