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Hello I bought a planer mast for our boat . I made 2 cedar planer boards from another topic on this board . I hope to try it out this weekend if the weather allows . I was just wondering what kind of releases do i need to use ? I would like to run 10 color lead core off them and maybe a dipsy. Do i need a release with a high tension ? This is our first year of trolling for walleye ,i am slowy tring to get this figured out !Thanks again for the help.
Go to the dollar store and buy some packages of steel shower curtain clips, then pick up some #16 elastics ( I think that is the size)

Let your core out to desired length and then wrap the elastic around your backing and through itself, in the clip then clip to the planer line and let it out. It may not always break but watch for excessive stretch to indicate a fish.

Good Luck
I bought some shower clips at the dollar store, some aligator clips from canadiantire and some clear tubing from ct as well. Hook the aligator clip to the shower clip and add .5 or .75 of an inch of tubing to each jaw of the aligator clip.I'm not sure if it will hold a dipsey on 3 as I havent tried this yet but the farther in the aligator clip you put the line the harder it is to release.I figure these are less than a dollar for each 1. Or you could buy planer board releases at approx.$8-$12 each.
I saw Dave's "poor man's" release clip set-up work like a charm and was kicking myself for having ever bothered with commercial release clips. It is a bit of an art to know when a fish is on if the elastic doesn't break, but the guys with experience (and I'm not one of them) could tell right away when there was a hook-up.
Ill have to agree with Dave. Elastics are the way to go. you can get enough shower clips to get your limit 10 times over for 10 bucks and another 10 bucks for 1000 elastics.
You can easily tell when a fish is on, big or small, and if it doesnt release give er a little whip and start reeling.


Thanks again for the help. I will try the elastic way . Hope the weather is good this weekend . My wife and son and i have enjoyed trolling this summer . Learning alot from this board very helpful. My son has had enough of reeling in leadcore for the year !! Thanks
The elastics thing works, I've tried it myself recently...my problem is they (the elastics) usually don't break...so it is pain to have to remove them from your line while fighting the fish at the same time...anyone has an idea how to remove them easyer?

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You can usually break them with a sweep of the rod or you leave your drag light enough so when a fish hits it will pull line, this will burn the elastic but be sure to put your clicker on.

Braid backing on the lines that you are planning on using elastic with will help with the elastics not breaking. Mono has too much stetch to break the elastics. Small fish (silver bass) will not break the elastics in the best of circumstances. You will need to pay attention to the amount of stretch in the elastic and how the rod tip reacts. I use braid backing on most of my lead core rods with elastics I also have other releases which I use for mono rods. I have found that adding a 'tag' of duct tape or electrical tape to the shower curtain ring helps you see where your lines are running along the line.
I too just made cedar planner boards, but I don't have a mast. My thought was to run the boards out on the rigger cables and then run lines out on the cable. Will this work? Any info would be great.


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