dipsy problem


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Have recently been out twice from burwell for pics and bows.
Each time Ive put out my dipsys #3 setting,17pound braid and snubbers.
It seems to me they are tracking close to the boat.
I thought they were supposeed to go away from the boat.
I know Jimmy Carrol is having a seminar today on dipsys
but I cannt attend,any help would be appreciated.
Lots of guys including myself at time put the disc the wrong way for the side of the boat u r using I made the same mistake Saturday got tangled in downrigger twice before I realized my mistake the heavy part of the disc should be towards the the boat
17 lb braid is a little light for my liking, I would use 30 lb minimum (I and many others use 50 lb).

On a 3 setting it should go out to the side, but not a crazy amount. Try letting it out the back of the boat 50' and see if the line is running away from the center of the boat.

When you are letting your dipsy's out always keep tension on your line, if you give it ANY slack it will loop around your snubbed and leader.
make sure the dipsey is marked R for the right side of the boat, starboard and L for the left, port side.

As Blastr said make sure you have the weight in the right spot for the side of te boat you want to use it on. Also make sure the screw is tight so it cannot move on you easily in the water. I also find that letting the line out slowly helps get the dipsey's out and helps so that your leader does not get tangled with the mainline going to the dipsey.
I use 50# braid and it may seem like they are close to the boat but down 30-50 feet I am sure they are out to the side a bit.

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The thing with Dipseys is, you only see a small section of line between your rod and the water, giving it the effect that it's running close to the boat. To see just how far out they're running, set your dipsey at the depth you want to run, snap the release and reel it back in quick. You'll see that it comes from way out to the side when you reel it back in. It always looks like they're running tight to the boat, but they do swing out quite far under the water.

Aluminum boats always seem to have dipseys running closer on one side because the wind gets you a bit on one side of the boat, causing it to push a bit to one side. You'll probably notice that one side of your boat, it appears that the dipseys are running farther out than the other side, especially if there is any breeze at all coming from the side a bit.

They're very speed sensitive too, if you're trolling slow for eyes, they don't track quite as hard.
Thanks guys, I did check the weight on the dipsy and they were on the right side both times .
Both days out, the lake was really rough . Maybe that caused a problem .Now thinking I will change to heavier braid.
Its the first time Ive tried dipsy fishing .8D
What size dipsy are you using?
I have found the 0 size almost useless & it does not move to the side too well due to it's small size.:(
The #1 size tracks to the side far better.:)
I also have a Magnum size which I have yet to try.[?]
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