December 22 Hunt

Tundra Swan

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Hello Guys,

I hunted B Zone last Saturday afternoon as there were some Mallards feeding again just off my seawall for most of the morning. I noticed that there were many hunters using the unit that day ... how did anybody make out? There was not much shooting that day from what I could hear.

I have not seen that many birds (swans, sandhill cranes, geese, ducks, coots) lately ... has the lady sung for us yet?



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I hunted till about 12 was in the marsh only got 2 birds seen lots of mallard but they were only hoping up and down quick from small pocket to small pocket in the marsh where there are no blinds ! Now that the feeder is closed the birds are searching for food in the small pokets way away from anywhere inside the unit! Weather conditions were good but just tough stale birds that have been around a long time!

Old Cut LongPointer

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Was out with my brother that day. Went all the way out to Throughofare Pt. . Nothing in front of The Millionaires aka The Cottages but lots of divers on the inside of Little Rice Bay. I guess they were feeding on the weeds that were churned up by the waves as the Bay had a pretty good roll happening. Needless to say it was unshootable. Little Rice Point was occupied so we tucked into Jones'se . Did have some Mallards fly by but being a bit rusty they kept on flying. LoL ! #6 island got some action by the sounds of it.

My guess with the weather we're having is the fat lady won't sing until Jan. 5th..